Whether you decide to go on holiday or maybe you’re selling the house, in all this and other cases you should protect your home when you’re not around. A place that is empty or without owners is at a higher risk of burglary, and leaving the place empty and uninhabited exposes it to all sorts of unexpected negative things. During the vacation time or relocating, dealing with possible damage at your house is the last thing you need.

Fortunately, there is nothing complicated to keep the vacant house protected. Just follow a couple of helpful steps that will help keeping all the worries away!

1. Install an alarm system
Most homes in and around Toronto, ON, where we are located, have alarm systems. Just driving down the Bathurst-street, you’ll see alarm signs in nearly every home’s front yard. An alarm system saves your funds on insurance policy, also assures that your house will be safe all the time when you’re not around. Set fire alarms, so you won’t have to worry about theft, or returning to a burnt down house. Provide the list of trustworthy people who can access the house in order to keep a closer eye on it, this way the alarm company will work properly.

2. Conduct research on programmable thermostats
Being able to change the temperature in the house while you are out of the property can prevent your interior pipes from bursting during cold time and the wood in the house from swelling during hot time. Most thermostats nowadays come with built-in Wi-Fi allowing you to use the mobile device and program your own weather at home. This way, wherever you are, all you need to have is Wi-Fi.

3. Install exterior lighting and cameras
Exterior lights with timers are your best choice to deter intruders. Have them installed in your detached garages and sheds as well. Keeping these lights on a timer not only gives the illusion of someone being home, but also gives visibility around the house, exposing any potential thefts. Also, you can give your home an added security boost by installing exterior video cameras.

4. Have a local contact
Having a contact in your locality who performs regular checkups on your house makes it seem like someone is there and helps you know about any potentially damaging problems as soon as possible. A neighbor or family friend can notify you immediately if there is a pipe burst flooding the basement or downstairs, or if there is a broken window. If you don’t know anyone locally, some companies are available to perform these checks for you.

5. Prepare your home
Replacing worn locks and closing blinds are some of the easy things that can do wonders for keeping your property safe while you are away. You’ll want to use strong locks on all exterior doors to prevent easy break-ins. Position your blinds in a way natural light can be let in, giving the appearance of light in the house to discourage any intruders but also keep prying eyes out.

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