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80 per cent of our business comes through customer referrals. 90% of our customers are returning to us, on average, twice per year. If you're ever dissatisfied with your Toronto movers, let us know and we’ll turn you into a happy customer!

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Being best Toronto movers, we pride ourselves on offering the best available service at the most reasonable prices. If you think a competitor has a better offer, let us know and we'll beat it! Our main goal is to offer high quality services at the most reasonable prices.

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We are a trustworthy moving company. We abide to the Carriage of Goods Acts and Regulations across Canada and live up to a higher standard of business practice. Our movers are professionals with 5 to 15 years of moving experience.

Our clients say:
“ The movers were very polite and cooperative - I had big problems with our condo management who did NOT put our elevator on service, thus causing some delays on the elevator... but the move was handled quite well. It took longer than I had hoped, probably because my unit is difficult to move into at this end, but it was done well ”
Vancouver, BC

Professional and Free

If you are looking for a free quote or simply for a piece of advice, we are always ready to share it with you, along with the experience we have gained all along. Any type of move – residential, office, local, long distance, you name it – we will happily, professionally and efficiently do it for you!

Professional Staff

We are proud to say that our Toronto moving company’s staff exceeds any expectations. Our Toronto Movers are familiar with all the streets and neighborhoods in the Greater Toronto Area, encountering no obstacles whatsoever while arriving at any location. And since our range of truck sizes is pretty wide, we will always send the right truck in order to fit all your belongings, and of course, relocate them safely. Our company is also proud to meet all your requirements and accommodate any events following your schedule and flexibility. We guarantee professionalism and politeness from our movers, office staff and field personnel.


We are BBB Accredited and member of the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM).

Back to History

Starting off with only one truck and two people, relocating local residences only, Toronto movers have managed to grow considerably in the past 20 years. From small local moves, Toronto moving company managed to develop in order to perform big moves on a daily basis, medium distance, long distance, and even cross border relocations! We are always working hard and continue developing, in order to exceed any of our customers’ expectations, and customizing and adjusting our services so that we can meet all the requirements that involve timing, schedule, or any other matter.

Our goal is

As a reliable, affordable and very competitive Toronto Moving Company, we are committing to provide the highest quality services at the lowest possible rates! Disregarding your move being just around the corner, across Canada or even to USA, we guarantee the absolute same level of commitment and quality for the whole process.

At Miracle Movers, we aim to take all the relocating stress on our shoulders by taking care of any matters that may give our customers additional headaches or worries. Our broad range of local moves includes but is not limited to apartments, townhouses, office moves, single-family homes, retirement communities, condos, studio apartments and a lot more!

Toronto movers have received professional training for protecting your belongings and all the prized possessions everything is being padded with moving blankets at no additional costs, in order to make sure all your items are being delivered safely and damage-free. There are always additional protection supplies like stretch wrap and bubble wrap that are provided at additional costs, following our customer’s preferences. In case your schedule is already tight and you are willing to save some time and reduce the stress of packing everything yourself, our crew is ready offer you our full-service packing and unpacking too!

Movers Toronto service the GTA area and beyond, so no matter whether you are relocating to Brampton, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Thornhill, Richmondhill, Toronto – you name it, rest assured that we will provide you with services of the highest quality and professionalism level.

We specialize on

We at Miracle Movers, will offer you a pleasant and stress-free relocation, and most important – an affordable one. Starting with the GTA, Toronto, Ontario, we are ready and will assist moves throughout entire Canada, since we are specialized not only in local moves or office moves, but also in long distance, commercial, and even interprovincial relocations. Miracle Movers is here to assist you no matter what type of residence are you moving from and to.

How we work

First of all, we assure all our trucks are prepared and properly equipped with the necessary materials such a straps, dollies, tools, as well as furniture padding for protecting your belongings during the relocation. As soon as Movers Toronto receive a list of the items to be moved, we will send the most suitable truck that will fit all the belongings, without our customer worrying that the truck will be too small in order to fit everything, or that the truck will be too large and the items will shift and break during the move. Our Miracle Movers crew will make sure none of those two will happen, and can also guarantee that with Miracle Movers, your relocation will be as easy and pleasant as it should be, and it will sure be an experience worth sharing!

Our achievements

As one of the moving companies Toronto, we have developed and grown over the past 20 years. And so have our moves, starting off locally in Toronto, now we have locations in Calgary and Vancouver as well, being ready to relocate you anywhere across Canada and even beyond, since we are always ready to commit and assist you during your relocation to USA! It is well known that a move already involves a lot of stressful situations and overwhelming aspects, but when the move is ten times bigger and so is the distance, the worries may double and even triple! And here is where Toronto moving step in, ready to take everything on our shoulders, and guarantee you a safe, smooth and stress-free relocation, by providing the best moving services that will leave you one hundred percent satisfied!

Since moving companies Toronto have a range of various truck sizes, from 16ft to 26ft cubes, it is always assured that you will get the exact size to fit all your belongings, so you do not have to worry that your items will not fit, or that the truck will be half empty!


The pricing for a relocation is usually based on the number of bedrooms, and on the amount of items to be moved as well. Another important factor in pricing is played the number of movers that are required to perform the job. It is well known that every relocation is different and unique: from a small relocation where only a couple of items require to be moved, to a fully furnished six-bedroom house, however Toronto moving level of services, dedication and professionalism will be the same from start to end, no matter the simplicity or complexity of your move.


Our aim is to offer our highest levels of services at affordable prices for any type of move. Moving companies Toronto are opened Monday through Sunday, from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, and are always ready to assist you and scheduled your move, even if it’s on a short notice! Contact us today for getting a quote or book your move, and you will receive best service in the business!