FAQ Long-Distance

Weight And Space Occupancy Disclaimer

If the weight of the household goods will weight less than 700 lbs per every 100 cubic feet (of trailer space), the billing process will automatically be adjusted to the calculation of 700 lbs per every 100 cubic feet.

Example #1: 1400 lbs occupying 300 cubic feet will be billed as 2100 lbs (300 cbf x 700 lbs per every 100 cbf).

Example #2: 2000 lbs occupying 100 cubic feet will be billed as 2000 lbs due to the low amount of occupied space.

Does Your Company Provide Door-To-Door Moving Services?

Yes. All of your items are picked up and delivered on a door-to-door basis.

How Early Should I Schedule My Long-Distance Move?

The earlier you schedule your long-distance move, the better your chances of landing at a booking time that is convenient to your needs. During peak months such as June, July, and August, for example, we are frequently booked to capacity.

Is There A Minimum Charge?

Our minimum shipping weight for long-distance moves is 450 kilograms (approximately 1000 pounds). The exact weight is determined by scaling the truck twice - before and after pickup - using MTO weigh stations (which are Governmental facilities). At request, Company provides a copy of the scale ticket valid within 5 days.

Can I Save Money By Booking A Long-Distance Move?

Early planning will help you save money during a long distance move, especially if you complete early tasks such as packing and layout yourself. If you are asking whether booking a fixed moving time is cheaper than our hourly rates, the answer is likely to be no.

How Do You Protect My Furniture And Carpets When It Rains?

Our movers use padded, securely fastened moving blankets and/or shrink wrap to protect your furniture and carpets during long distance assignments.

What Are My Household Items Likely To Weigh?

There is an industry average and we do all our best to update it as often as possible. A 1-bedroom house or apartment typically weighs between 450 and 1350 kilograms (approximately 1000 – 3000 pounds), while a 2-bedroom apartment or house typically weighs between 1350 and 2700 kilograms (approximately 3000 – 6000 pounds) and a 3-bedroom house weighs between 2700 and 4500 kilograms (approximately 6000 – 10,000 pounds).
Please note that these are industry averages only and you will be billed based on the actual weight of your load.

Do You Have Insurance For Your Clients?

Our liability insurance includes the minimum protection for your goods at no additional cost. Under our basic insurance, our company’s maximum liability is calculated by multiplying the weight of your shipment by $0.60. For an additional fee we also provide valuation coverage: based on valuation at the moment of pick-up, the value of your item will be refunded in full, or its repair cost will be refunded in full, should it no longer be functional after the move.
You can also order Premium Liability Coverage. Under this plan, you’ll be compensated $2 per pound per damaged/lost item. To inquire about cost of our coverage plans, please contact your booking agent.

Which Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Miracle Movers accepts cash, major credit cards, and Interac email money transfers. Our apologies, but we cannot process payments through personal or company cheques. Should you require an exception, it must be approved by our office prior to your moving date.

What If I Need To Reschedule My Move?

If, for any reason, you need to reschedule your moving date, please contact us as soon as possible. The sooner you notify us, the easier it will be for us to accommodate your needs. If you cancel or reschedule your move within 7 days of the scheduled date, we will retain your deposit. If you cancel or reschedule the move with a notice greater than 7 days, we will retain 50% of your deposit. If you cancel or reschedule the move with a notice greater than 21 days, we will refund 100% of your deposit.

What Else Am I Billed For?

As our client, you are responsible for all parking tickets and downtime (waiting for the elevator or property key holder to be available, traffic, an inspection of belongings upon delivery, waiting for any credit card charges or Interac e-transfers to go through, etc.). Shuttle services may also be required for locations with no access points for a 68 ft tractor-trailer and also carry an additional fee. All fees are billed according to standard rates, and our sales agents will gladly supply you with the appropriate information.

Absent Customers

We encourage our customers to remain with us throughout the entire move, not least because when we are moving items such as furniture you can then point out any scratches, marks, or dents that we may have missed, or vice versa. If for whatever reason you are not available during your move, or if you need to leave during your move, we will need you to assign a person that will act on your behalf and could guide and supervise the movers, release or accept all of the items in the condition that we bring them to your location. Otherwise, we will not be responsible for any missing or damaged items, nor will we be held responsible for any items that were not moved.

Will You Help Pack My Items?

We offer reasonably priced packing services if you are unable to pack your items on your own. Should you require our packing services, however, we recommend that you arrange for them prior to your moving date to allow for sufficient planning. The time our movers spend packing your items will be billed based on our standard hourly rate.

Should I Be Present During The Move?

So long as someone authorized to supervise the process is available and gives our movers access to your items, we do not require your presence during a long-distance move.

Do You Move Pets And Plants?

Our apologies, but we cannot transport pets, and recommend that you transport them yourself or place them in temporary care with a family member, friend, or pet shelter. We can move plants if absolutely necessary, but strongly recommend that you move any plants yourself and are not liable for any damages sustained by your plants during transportation.

Force Majeure

In pandemic, heavy weather conditions (snow storms, heavy rains, wind conditions, etc), mechanical problems with the vehicle, employees' injures or health issues, all arrivals are subject to delays. If necessary, Miracle Movers will reschedule the move to the next available date and time. However, we will neither give discounts or refunds, nor provide compensation in the event of any such rescheduling or delay. In exceptional cases, the compensation will be provided in the amount of two deposits, but not more than $300.

What Is Your Standard Transit Time For Long-Distance Moves?

Your items are likely to spend approximately 8-14 business days in transit from the scheduled departure date. For moves from the West Coast to the East Coast or East Coast to West Coast, it may take up to 21 business days: the West and East trucks' connection is in Toronto on the 15th of each month. If the West truck arrives in Toronto after the 15th, or local Toronto area pickups are done after the 15th, the delivery is postponed until next month. We have departures to/from West Coast every 1-2 weeks and monthly departures to East Coast. The departure date may vary from the pick up date.

Do You Ship Cars, Motorcycles, Or Other Vehicles?

Indeed we do. The fee for shipping a car or a bike will be determined by the vehicle model and distance between addresses. Please note, however, that your vehicle might be shipped separately from the rest of your goods.

What Is Your Claims Policy?

All claims must be submitted in written form to our company's email at [email protected] within 7 days of the delivery date. Please follow this link for our Claims Policy. To file a claim, find the instructions by following this link.