FAQ Cross-Border Moves

How early should I book a cross border move?

The earlier you book the better. This is especially true if you plan your international relocation during the peak season (between June and August). During these months, our capacities are likely to be packed. To land a booking of your cross border move that will be in line with your preferences, feel free to call us as soon as you make the decision.

How can you help me prepare for a cross border move?

Miracle Movers can help you prepare for your cross border move by informing you about the paperwork and documents. You can also hire us to pack your things, protect special belongings, and supply you with the necessary packing materials. We’ll also help you schedule your move in a timely manner, therefore leaving you with a detailed plan of your relocation, so you can plan other commitments.

How do you move across the border with plants?

House plants are highly sensitive to atmospheric conditions, and as living creatures, they are likely to suffer or die during transport. To avoid liability, established cross border moving companies recommend that you transport them in your own car, if possible. Of course, there are some plants that are more resistant, but as a rule of thumb, succulents and other tropical pot plants are highly sensitive to changing heat conditions.

If you manage to fit them in your car, make sure to use protective wrapping, and keep an eye on them, to prevent damage. If this isn’t possible, it’s best to part with your plants and leave them behind, with a family member, or donate them.

Keep in mind that, for some plants, you’d need to have a special license, if you’re relocating them across the border, to prevent spread of certain types of plant parasites and diseases.

How do I move across the border with pets?

There are many reasons why you can’t expect from professional cross border movers to help you relocate your pets:

  • Firstly, pets can’t be transported like the rest of your belongings, as they need optimal living conditions and care to survive.
  • The relocation trucks are typically not ventilated enough to allow animals to survive. Other atmospheric conditions might also be unsafe for animals, for example if you’re moving in the middle of winter or summer.
  • Cross border moves can take up to a couple of weeks, and there’s no way to accommodate pets separately.

For all these reasons, you should consider driving your pets to your new home across the border. Dogs usually do not require a special carrier, while cats need a cat carrier. Be sure to stock up on water and food for the trip. There are some specialized companies that can move your pet for you, or you can take them with you on a flight.

What other options do I have?

Other options include:

  • Booking a pet hotel
  • Leaving your pet with friends or relatives
  • Hiring a pet sitter or a pet transportation service

Another thing to keep in mind: when relocating across the border, you’d need to produce evidence of rabies vaccinations for all cats and dogs older than 3 months. Birds, reptiles, and other animal species may require a period of quarantine.

Can you move alcohol across the border?

This depends on the size of the cargo and the purpose. For example, if you’re shipping bottles of liquor as a gift, then it’s probably best to leave it out of your moving cargo and use a courier service instead. Professionals don’t want to risk spilling it, breaking glass bottles, damaging other goods, or risking a potential fire hazard.

Alcohol is almost always shipped using a specialized service, due to special regulations that need to be fulfilled in order to protect the safety of the cargo, vehicle, and everyone involved. You’re legally required to declare importing alcohol if you’re doing it commercially.

How do you transport furniture across the border during the rainy season?

Here at Miracle Movers, we use protective wrapping layers and have vehicles that can resist heavy precipitation, so your furniture can arrive safely at the destination. We also store your belongings in our storage facilities which are climate controlled, free of pests, and insulated from the elements. Once the cargo reaches the destination, it will be loaded onto local moving trucks that will deliver it to your new home in the US or Canada.

Do you move cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles from Canada to the USA?

We regret to inform our customers that we do not transport vehicles from Canada to the USA.

What documents do I need when moving to the USA?

Here’s a list of documents that you’ll need to prepare for cross border moving from Canada to USA:

Returning Canadian Residents

  • Passport for each family member
  • Proof of absence from Canada
  • Inventory details of goods including the invoice with values
  • Receipts of purchasing products and goods overseas


  • Passport for each family member
  • Work Visa
  • Marriage Certificate for spouse
  • Work or Study Visa
  • Employer Letter or Offer of Employment
  • Inventory details of goods including the value

Seasonal Residents

  • Passport
  • Proof of ownership or rental of seasonal real estate
  • Inventory details of goods including the value
  • Proof of US residence
  • Rules and regulations you must comply with when moving to the USA
What paperwork do I need for moving from Canada to the USA?

When entering the US, all of your household items, furniture, and heirlooms need to be registered using the Department of Homeland Security and Border Protection form No. 3299 (Declaration for Free Entry of Articles Not Accompanying a Resident or Non-Resident). Also, a supplemental declaration providing additional information about the contents of shipment is also required and necessary.

Although Form No. 3299 is straightforward, it is the primary document and file, which permits you to dispatch private household properties into the US free of duty. The forms and documents should be thoroughly checked, observed and corrected because incomplete forms can cause border problems. To avoid costly returns of the cargo, additional storage charges, and reloading costs, pay close attention when filling out the paperwork.

Also, make sure to fill in the form No. 3299 well prior to the date of load. If you are traveling to the United States on a visa such as L1, H1, this number must be provided on the form. Sometimes the visas are not issued until just before the moving project takes place. You should prepare and provide a photocopy of this visa and attach it to Form No. 3299. For more information, please contact Miracle Movers of Toronto today.

What do I need to know before moving my belongings from Canada to the USA?

You will be tax exempt from the US upon return if you properly declare and register your household goods and trade and commercial tools. Your furniture, carpets, heirlooms, tableware, linen and other belongings that you purchased abroad can be imported duty-free under the following conditions:

  • These items can’t be imported or sold to others
  • The items should’ve been used abroad for at least one year
  • Items that you stored outside of your household need additional two years of use or possession until they are exempt from tax, so pay attention to this fact if you’re moving your grill or backyard chairs or benches.

If you are a Canadian immigrating to the United States of America, the same rules are applied. Non-residents entering the United States are subjected to the same simple principles as  returning residents, especially in accordance  with the possession of goods for the year prior to entry.

Is there a minimum charge for cross border moving service?

The main factor you should consider when you book a cross border move is the overall weight of your belongings. The minimum weight we’re able to transport over long distances is 450 kg. You can use the following weight calculator on our page. To get the idea about the charge, it’s best to contact Miracle Movers directly, and our sales representatives will gladly help you out.

Can we save money when booking a cross border move?

This depends on your needs and requirements. If you’re taking just the most necessary items with you, or if you only need some assistance with loading furniture or boxes to a truck, you’ll likely save some money. However, for any long-distance move and cross border moves, it’s best to lean on full-service options.

Do you have a claims policy for cross border moves?

If anything goes wrong with your cross border move, you have a right to file a claim in written form within seven days of the arrival date. Use our company's email at [email protected] to file your claim. Learn more about our Claims Policy on long-distance moves and prepare for your move.