Plastic Bin Rental

Free delivery and pick-ups of magic crates to all our moving customers.
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Studio Move

1 bedroom bundle
- 25 Green Boxes
- 2 weeks rental**
$ 150

Small Move

2 bedroom bundle
- 35 Green Boxes
- 2 weeks rental**
$ 210
50 Hot

Medium Move

3 bedroom bundle
- 50 Green Boxes
- 2 weeks rental**
$ 300

Big Moves

office relocations
- 75 Green Boxes
- 2 weeks rental**
$ 410

Of all the moving supplies Miracle Movers is proud to provide convenient, easy-to-use, and environmentally friendly Green Box. Why fuss around and be frustrated by building – and, more often than not, breaking – messy and unreliable cardboard boxes when we can provide all of the sturdy, stackable, and reusable Green Boxes you could possibly need? Just give us a call, and Miracle Movers will be happy to deliver your Green Boxes wherever you need them, ready to use.


  • Each Green Box is incredibly durable, and can be reused hundreds of times without damage or wear, potentially saving thousands of cardboard boxes from winding up in our nation’a landfills.


  • Our Green Boxes arrive pre-assembled, ready to be packed the moment we deliver them. Their tough plastic casing makes them ideally suited for carrying even your most delicate antiques. Their side grips also make them easier to carry than cardboard boxes, and they stack easily, making loading and unloading faster than ever.


  • Green Boxes will save you money at every step of your move. Since they can be used again and again, the Green Box rental fee is much lower than purchasing cardboard boxes of your own.


  • Miracle Movers is happy to help you select the right number of Green Boxes based on the number of items you’re planning to move, thus eliminating any confusion or guesswork. You don’t even have to worry about picking up the boxes or bringing them back. We do it all for you!

GREEN BOXES are the greener and cheaper solution for all of your moving needs. Contact us today at (416) 855-3068 about our pricing and packages – we’ll have you ready to move in no time!