FAQ Plastic Bins Rental

What is the size of one bin?

Each plastic bin box measures 24” x 19” x 12” (L x W x H) with a volume of 3.1 cu ft. Pack small appliances, pots and pans, shoes, lampshades, linens, books, office supplies, etc. Please do not overload the bins with heavy items (books and magazines), the bin has to remain liftable. Maximum weight per bins is 40 lbs.

Do you provide stickers for the bins?

Yes, we provide 1 label per bin. Customer must utilize only the labels provided by Miracle Movers. Applying any other label or sticker on our plastic bins and lids will incur a penalty fee of $3 for each bin and lid.

What is included in the price?

The rental fee includes 1 delivery and 1 pick up of Green Boxes within Toronto and surrounding municipalities: Aurora to Brampton, Oakville to Ajax. For locations outside this area, a fuel surcharge will apply. Please contact us at (416) 855-3068 Ext 410 for assistance or email at [email protected]

Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes, we require an e-contract in place before the bins delivery.

When should I pay for the bins rental?

Payment for bins and lids rental is due in advance either by credit card, interact e-transfer or cash on site upon delivery. For all credit card payments, there is a 3% credit card convenience fee.

When should I expect the delivery of the bins?

The delivery and pick-up of the bins is complimentary and usually scheduled within a 2-day window for both: delivery and pick-up either in the morning or afternoon. We will contact you to advise at least 1 day in advance.

Should I be at home upon delivery/pick up?

The e-contract will be e-signed before the delivery day, therefore you can arrange with someone on your behalf to accept the bins. Upon pickup, we will need you or your pre-authorized representative to be present while we count and inspect your Green Boxes.

If the delivered bins are not sufficient, how fast can you deliver more?

We can deliver more bins within a 2 day window. Additional delivery will incur $55 surcharge plus the charge for bins rental.

What is the policy if a bin is lost or damaged?

Extra charges will apply for: i. Damaged bin and lid ($30 per bin; $15 per lid) ii. Lost bin and lid ($30 per bin; $15 per lid) iii. Bin or lid soiled, including but not limited to: drywall material, paint, oil, grease, toner, etc ($4 per each: bin and lid) iv. Labels are not removable ($3 per each: bin and lid)

What if I need more time to unpack?

You have the option to extend your bins rental for minimum one additional week. Contact our support team at (416) 855-3068 for rates and procedures.