How to find the best local movers

Two local movers employees carrying a couch

Whether you are moving across the street or to another part of the town residential relocations can be stressful for many people involved in the process. This is why enlisting the help of professional movers in Toronto is valuable. They will help you organize everything and make even the most difficult relocation seam simple. But how do you find the best local movers for your needs? Don’t worry, we will share everything you need to know in order to find the best moving partner.

Why should you hire movers for your local move?

Moving your home for the first time is a big deal. This is why the simplest approach to a local move is to delegate the handling of your personal belongings to others and seek assistance. This way, you can distribute the workload and minimize the overall time required for the move. For instance, how long will it take you to pack your entire home? Whatever number you come up with, there’s a guarantee it won’t be attractive. You can’t trust that you’ll be able to do all the work by yourself, including moving heavy items like furniture, without getting any assistance. Moreover, you may have special items in your home that require specific handling or disassembling. These things can include pianos, kitchen appliances like the dishwasher, and many others.

By using a reputable local moving company, you’ll pay the experts to help with all the hard work. Residential movers in Toronto will take care of everything for you. That way, instead of struggling to get everything together – you can use the extra time to say your goodbyes and plan ahead.

A person using a laptop trying to figure out how to find the best local movers
Ask your friends and family to help you find the best local movers.

Tips to find the best local movers

There are multiple methods to find local movers. While you could opt for any single approach, combining them is the most effective strategy to ensure you find the best match for your needs.

Seek personal recommendations

If you know someone who has moved recently, this is a great opportunity to get recommendations or reviews of a professional moving company. Ask your friends and family, and consider posting on social media to gather insights. Make sure you get specific details about each person’s experience or involvement with the particular local moving company in Toronto they are reviewing.

Use online resources

Explore the internet for additional recommendations. Social media platforms and specialized websites like My Moving Reviews, that offer reviews on service providers are particularly useful. Aim to build a comprehensive understanding of each moving company’s reputation by reading through feedback from past customers. This research should give you a clear picture of their reliability, service quality, and customer care.

Compare quotes

Finally, before making your decision, compare the quotes you’ve received. Don’t just look at the price—consider the range of services offered and the company’s track record. Asking for recommendations on quoted prices can also lead to discovering discounts or more competitive rates. Gathering as much information as possible will help you select the best local moving company for your needs.

Inquire about the services a company offers

When looking for local movers, it’s important to carefully review the services they offer to make sure they meet your specific needs. Some companies provide full packing and unpacking services, perfect for those who prefer a more hands-off approach. Check if they have expertise in handling fragile items, or if they provide furniture disassembly and reassembly services.

If there’s a delay between your move-out and move-in dates, storage solutions might be essential. Seek out movers who offer logistical planning support and customizable packages to suit your preferences. It’s also important to confirm the insurance coverage they provide to protect your belongings. Choosing services that align with your requirements will help ensure a seamless and tailored moving experience.

Movers carrying boxes
Look for movers that can provide you with a full-service move.

What is the cost of a local move?

When it comes to the cost of moving locally, it really depends on a few things. First off, how much stuff you have and how far you’re moving it plays a big role. If you’re going for the whole package, where the movers pack up your things, move them, and then unpack them at your new place, it’s going to cost more than if you just have them transport your boxes. If you need extra care for things like antiques or electronics, that’ll bump up the price too. Also, when you move matters. Moving during a busy season or on a weekend might make it pricier because everyone wants to move then. So, keeping these factors in mind can help you figure out how much you’ll need to budget and what kind of moving services you want to go for.

Should you tip your local movers?

Is tipping professional movers expected, and if so, how much should you offer? If you feel like rewarding the crew’s effort, then go ahead and tip them. The debate over whether you should tip moving crews or not leaves many people puzzled or frustrated – but it’s really not that complicated. Simply ask yourself if you’re satisfied with their work and attitude. This is all you need to know if you’re considering giving them a tip.

If you’re not happy with the movers’ work, then don’t even think about tips. Tips aren’t required or even highly recommended – they’re earned. If the movers you hired did something wrong, performed a lousy job, or lacked professionalism – then it’s simply not worth giving them a bonus. But, if your helpers did a great job throughout – then sure, go ahead and give them their reward! A tip shows your appreciation and gratitude. And there’s no doubt they will be encouraged and thankful for the tip.

Now, it’s no longer a question about if you should give them a tip – but rather how. The average tip is $10 per person for a 2-hour move. Of course, if you’re very happy with their efforts – by all means, offer more!

A person sitting besides boxes, happy after finding the best local movers
If you’re satisfied with the outcome of your move, consider showing your appreciation by tipping your movers.

Rely on professionals for a smooth relocation

The moment you find the best local movers for your needs, you can take a step back, relax, and entrust your belongings to skilled professionals. This decision allows you to alleviate the stress and physical exertion typically associated with moving. With experts handling the packing, loading, transportation, and unpacking of your items, you gain peace of mind knowing that your possessions are in capable hands. This also frees up your time to focus on other important aspects of your move, such as settling into your new home and taking care of any necessary arrangements or paperwork. Letting professionals manage the heavy lifting and logistics ensures a smoother, more efficient move.