Why you should move to King City

People and their dog with boxes before their move to King City.

Considering a move to King City? You’re making a great choice! This lively town is the perfect spot for families, professionals, and retirees alike. With excellent schools, beautiful parks, and a wide job market, King City promises a fulfilling lifestyle for anyone who moves there. And when it comes to relocating, you have great options to choose from. Finding top movers in Toronto who can organize a hassle-free move for you and your family won’t be an issue. Let’s explore why you should move to King City and the best ways to organize your relocation.

The charm of King City

King City, originally known as Springhill, was established in 1836 and grew rapidly into a lively town with the arrival of the Ontario, Simcoe, and Huron Railways in 1853. This was a turning point in its growth. In 1890, James Whiting Crossley, the administrator of King Township, took a major step by merging the small hamlets of Springhill, Kinghorn, Laskay, and Eversley. This union created what is today known as King City, a place where its past is celebrated and alive, especially at the King Heritage and Cultural Centre.

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Move to King City and discover all the beauties it holds.

Cultural significance

King City has a lively cultural scene and a close-knit community. The fun events here include the annual trunk sale and antique assessment fundraiser. Volunteers are appreciated with a barbecue, and the town kicks off summer with a charming garden tea party hosted by the local horticultural society.

The historic church provides a cozy setting if you’re planning a small wedding. King City also brings history to life with events like the reenactment of the 1837 Upper Canada Rebellion, where you can follow the rebels’ journey from Lloydtown to Toronto.

Living in King City

King City has different neighborhoods, each offering a variety of home styles. You can find it here whether you’re looking for a big, fancy house or a smaller, cozy home.

  • Spring Hill: Known for its spacious lots and family-friendly atmosphere, Spring Hill is perfect for those looking for room to grow.
  • Oak Ridges: Offering a mix of new and older homes, Oak Ridges is great for its community feel and accessibility to local parks.
  • Westbrook: Westbrook features modern homes with high-end finishes, appealing to those seeking a luxury living.
  • King Heights: With a variety of affordable homes, King Heights is ideal for first-time homebuyers or young families.
  • Laskay: Laskay is rich in history and charm, offering unique homes that stand out from the typical suburban style.

Housing prices and the cost of living

Currently, the average home price in King City is $2,026,000. The housing market here is always changing, so prices tend to fluctuate. Even though buying a house can be pricey, other living costs are similar to what you’d find in many other Canadian cities. Here’s a detailed look:

  • Utilities: In King City, expect to pay about $150 to $200 per month for utilities like electricity, heating, and water. This is comparable to what you’d pay in most other Canadian cities.
  • Transportation: Gasoline prices can be slightly higher in King City than in smaller towns but lower than in downtown Toronto. Public transportation options are limited, so you might need a car for daily commutes. If you’re moving from longer distances and have more than a single vehicle, make sure to organize a car shipping Canada service to help you out and minimize the hassle of DIY-ing it.
  • Income: On the positive side, King City’s proximity to Toronto means you have access to higher-paying job opportunities. The median household income in King City is around $130,000, which is higher than in many rural areas.


In King City, education is highly regarded and receives strong community support. The standout schools, such as Country Day School and King City Secondary School, exemplify a commitment to comprehensive student development. What’s special about these schools is how welcoming and friendly they are. It makes learning fun and interesting. For parents, it’s great knowing their kids are in a place that pushes them to do well in their studies while also paying attention to what makes each student unique.

Children graduating after their move to King City.
Education should be a major aspect of your consideration when moving anywhere.

Outdoor activities

King City’s outdoor scene is a paradise for nature and sports enthusiasts. The Thornton Bales Conservation Area offers stunning views and relaxing trails, ideal for hikers or those searching for a peaceful nature escape. Polo Management Services caters to horseman lovers with excellent facilities, while the Cardinal Golf Club is a dream destination for golfers. These locations provide recreational opportunities and spaces for community members to gather and enjoy the great outdoors together.

A man playing golf
Cardinal Golf Club awaits you straight after your move to King City.

Dining and entertainment

When it comes to dining and entertainment, King City shines with its options. The town hosts a variety of popular restaurants, ranging from quaint cafes to upscale dining experiences, satisfying all culinary preferences. The fun nightlife offers numerous entertainment choices, from bars to relaxing evening venues. These establishments serve great food and entertainment. They are central to the town’s social life, bringing residents together for memorable experiences.

Community and social life

King City has a strong community feel and charm that brings its residents closer together. Known for its horse and cattle farms, King City, along with Nobleton and Schomberg, forms a close-knit community. Residents often gather in local community centers and clubs, participating in diverse social events and activities. However, these spaces serve as the heart of the town’s social life, where people of all ages form lasting bonds and enrich each other’s lives. For those looking to be a part of this fascinating community, residential movers in Toronto offer expert services to welcome you into this active town. In King City, every resident finds a place where they can connect, engage, and thrive in a supportive and lively environment.

Transportation networks

King City’s transportation structure is moving forward to meet the needs of its growing population. The increase in heavy vehicles on King Road, particularly dump trucks from nearby Oak Ridge construction sites and delivery trucks for Aurora and Richmond Hill, has become a big concern. Certainly, these vehicles often use King Road to access Highway 400, impacting local traffic flow. In addition, the proposed extension of Highway 427, which would border the Township, presents challenges, including potential noise pollution in the rural areas. These developments highlight the ongoing efforts to balance the growth and accessibility of King City with preserving its environment.

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Take on the transportation and commute in King City with ease.

Proximity to major cities and attractions

King City’s location offers easy access to many major cities and attractions. The nearest airport, Billy Bishop Toronto City (YTZ), provides easy travel options. However, a more efficient route exists for those coming to King City. A journey from Toronto involves a bus to Hwy 407 Bus Terminal, then a transfer to the Highway 407 Station, followed by a trip to Pioneer Village Station and finally reaching King City via Pioneer Village Terminal. This journey, taking approximately 1 hour and 43 minutes, shows King City’s connectivity to surrounding areas. King City, with its strategic location, continues to be a center point that connects people to the town itself, making it an attractive destination for both living and visiting.

For residents and visitors planning their move or visit, packing services in Toronto offer expert assistance, making sure you have an easy move to this well-connected and accessible community. 

Healthcare facilities

King City is well-served by several healthcare facilities, so residents can have access to complete medical care. Kingston General Hospital is a primary healthcare provider that offers a wide range of services, from emergency care to specialized treatments. The hospital’s commitment to patient care is seen in its programs and departments.

Providence Continuing Care Centre (PCCC) is an essential facility that delivers specialized care for different patient needs. These healthcare institutions collectively make sure that King City residents receive quality medical attention for all health concerns.

Healthcare workers in the hospital looking at an x ray.
Your health is in good hands over in King City.


King City really cares about keeping residents safe, making it a peaceful place to live or start fresh. The town has its own police, and people here look out for each other, which means the crime rate is much lower than in big cities. It’s a great spot for families or anyone looking to turn over a new leaf. Plus, the streets and everything else are well-kept, so getting around is easy and safe. Whether you’re out for a stroll, hanging out in the parks, or joining in on town events, you’ll feel the secure vibe here. It’s all part of what makes a living in King City so special and comfortable.

A pile of money on a table.
A move to King City requires a detailed organization of your income.

Quality of life

King City’s quality of life is formed by its climate patterns. August experiences the most rainfall, contributing to 12.98% of the annual rain. July and September follow closely, with average rainfalls of 85.1 mm and 81.7 mm, respectively. Snowfall levels vary throughout the year, adding a seasonal charm to the city. The average temperature chart indicates a range of temperatures for each month, providing residents with different climate experiences.

For those planning a move to King City, it’s important to consider these climate factors. To accommodate the varying weather conditions, those relocating can find a range of packing supplies Toronto residents trust that are designed to protect their belongings against different weather scenarios. This careful preparation ensures a smoother transition to life in King City, where the climate, alongside economic stability and cost of living, contributes to a balanced and comfortable lifestyle for its residents.

Getting ready for your move to King City

Moving to King City is exciting. It’s a friendly place with lots to offer. Relying on reputable local Toronto movers is the first step to an easy move. Of course, there are some additional steps you’ll need to take. We’ve created a simple guide to help you move without stress.

Packing tips

  • Start Early: Give yourself plenty of time to go through your things. Decide what you want to keep and maybe sell or give away the rest.
  • Get Good Packing Materials: To keep your things safe, buy strong boxes, tape, and plastic moving bins Toronto residents use frequently. If you have special items like art or electronics, get the right boxes for them.
  • Pack Smart: Go one room at a time and label your boxes with what’s inside and where they go. This makes unpacking easier.
  • Essentials Box: Pack a box with things you’ll need right away—toothbrush, clothes, medicine, and important papers. Make sure this box is easy to access when you arrive.
  • Organize storage: If there’s a gap between leaving your old place and settling into the new one, consider renting one of the secure rent storage units Toronto has to offer. This lets you stay anywhere you like without stressing over your stuff.
Things that could go into an essentials box for someone packing for a move
Creating an essentials box will make your actual moving day much easier and more bearable. If you’re not sure what to fill your essentials box with, your movers will probably have great insights.

Setting up your new place

  • Utilities: Set up your water, electricity, and internet before you move in. This way, everything will be ready when you arrive.
  • Change Your Address: Update your address with your bank, job, and anything else important. You can also forward your mail through the post office to catch anything you might miss.
  • Get to Know King City: Once you’re settled, go explore. Check out the parks, meet your neighbors, and find your new favorite spots. Getting involved helps you feel at home faster.

Moving to King City means starting a new part of your life in a great place. With some planning and the right help, you can make your move seamless and start enjoying your new home immediately.

Moving to King City is a great choice

Choosing to move to King City is likely to be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. Moving to King City isn’t just about getting a new address. It’s about starting a new chapter that’s full of promise. We suggest you take some time to really get to know the city before you move. This lovely town in Ontario has lots of job options, welcoming people, and a focus on keeping everyone safe. It’s a place where you can look forward to a better future and enjoy a good life. Whether moving for a new job, looking for a calm place, or just wanting something different, King City has everything you need to feel right at home.