Where do Canadians go to live in Florida?

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Florida is a very attractive place to live. That’s why the question – where do Canadians go to live in Florida? – is not something that should surprise you. With reputable movers Toronto residents trust, you’ll be able to relocate here in no time at all. However, finding the right place in the Sunshine State is up to you. That’s precisely why we’ve set aside the most important info on the most popular places among Canadians. Let’s review them together so you can make the right decision.

What attracts Canadians to Florida?

There are plenty of reasons Canadians consider Florida a place to move to. From the financial aspects to the climate, many factors impact why Canadians view Florida as the promised land. Whatever your reasons might be, you can be sure cross border moving from Canada to US can be very beneficial for you. Of course, before that, make sure to analyze the tax benefits of this relocation, as well as things like affordability, quality of life, and plenty of others that make Florida stand out from other states in the US.

Where do Canadians go to live in Florida? Wherever there are amazing beaches
Florida is very attractive to Canadians

Where do Canadians go to live in Florida?

Going over the question of where do Canadians go to live in Florida? Then, be sure that there are plenty of places that the state has to offer. Including the natural beauty and the cost of living, there are so many reasons why these places stand out. Here are the major ones, such as:

  • Sarasota
  • Naples
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Tampa
  • Orlando
  • Miami
  • Boca Raton


Sarasota conveniently encompasses all that Florida has to offer in one beautiful city. After the long distance movers Toronto residents trust ensure you had a seamless and successful relocation, you can truly appreciate what Sarasota has to offer. Besides the benefits that the state itself offers, Sarasota comes with many pros. Among them is the amazing and world-renowned Siesta Key Beach. Besides the beautiful beaches, you can enjoy Lakewood Ranch and all the amenities it has to offer. Overall, the average temperature of around 22°C will surely be a big difference for people from Canada and will be beneficial when it comes to people who enjoy a warm climate and outdoor activities.


As a very wealthy community with beautiful beaches, Naples can be the right destination for people moving from Canada. Above all, it’s a very safe community with a crime rate lower than 90% of cities in Florida. Also, the job market is very strong, with industries like healthcare and other corporate sectors offering high job security. Naples is a great choice when you’re moving from Ontario to Florida for these and many other reasons. With the Naples Craft Beer Festival and the outstanding golf courses, there’s so much fun in the city during the year.

A pier at sunset
Where do Canadians go to live in Florida? Naples is one of the places

Fort Lauderdale

Broward College and Nova Southeastern University​​ are outstanding places to get an education in Florida. If education is high on your list of requirements when moving, Fort Lauderdale is the right destination. There are also more than 24 miles of beaches that are perfect for Canadians who love the beautiful outdoors. Fort Lauderdale offers everything, from amazing economic opportunities to great healthcare. Is this city the perfect place for your new home?


Because of its reduced cost of living, Tampa draws Canadians in. However, there’s more to explore. The culinary scene is a food lover’s heaven with everything from foreign cuisine to fresh seafood and food festivals. Getting around Tampa is still going to be done mainly by car, as the public transit options are not among the go-to choices for its citizens. What else should you know before moving from Toronto to Tampa and starting a new life here? The city also has a strong job market, with industries like banking, healthcare, and tourism standing out as leaders. We’re sure you’ll enjoy Tampa and its neighborhoods from Davis Islands to South Tampa.


Orlando is amazing if you’re chasing career advancement across diverse sectors like tourism, aviation, aerospace, and healthcare. With its job market expanding by 9.2% and having an unemployment rate that dips below the national curve, Orlando is full of professional possibilities. What sweetens the deal is Florida’s lack of state income tax, alongside Orlando’s reasonable sales tax rate, making the financial aspect of living here even more appealing.

The city’s fame isn’t just about jobs. However, when moving from Toronto to Orlando ( link ), there are also plenty of things to enjoy. Orlando is also home to great fun and entertainment, such as Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, and SeaWorld. What else do you need to enjoy a fun weekend with the family? Despite a climbing cost of living, the competitive average salary of around $53,000 ensures residents can enjoy a wholesome lifestyle.

For Canadians eyeing a sunny change, Orlando presents an irresistible mix of professional growth, leisure, and a warm community vibe. From the thrill of theme parks to the economic perks of no state income tax, Orlando beckons with open arms to those dreaming of a Floridian future.

A castle in an amusement park
Where do Canadians go to live in Florida? Orlando is never a bad choice


Miami dazzles with its unbeatable weather, offering Canadians sun-kissed days year-round. The absence of state income tax and a modest sales tax rate sweeten the pot, making the financial side of things quite appealing. Nightlife here is almost unparalleled in the U.S., placing second only to the best, ensuring the city pulses energy after dark.

Yet, Miami’s beauty doesn’t come without its challenges. The cost of living can soar, especially when it comes to housing, and selecting the right neighborhood is crucial due to varying crime rates. Still, the city’s easy walkability, especially downtown, and its coffee scene, enriched by Cuban influences, craft a lifestyle that’s hard to match elsewhere.

Miami’s melting pot of cultures brings a wealth of artistic expression, from orchestras to art venues, and not to forget Art Basel, a pinnacle of international art fairs. Despite its hefty price tag, moving from Toronto to Miami is not rare, as Miami remains a magnet for Canadians who are drawn to a life where urban vibes meet the laid-back beach scene.

Boca Raton

Boca Raton is on many Canadians’ radar, attractive for its lush lifestyle, high living standards, and the doors it opens. Its charm begins with the Atlantic at its doorstep, offering breathtaking beaches and endless aquatic adventures. However, many other reasons exist for moving from Toronto to Boca Raton ( link ) and marking the city as your new home area.

This city stands out for its safe and stable environment, setting itself apart from others with its low crime rates. Education is another crown jewel in Boca Raton, which has an impressive lineup from public schools to Florida Atlantic University. It is perfect for families who rate education highly.

Boca Raton is growing economically, with tech, healthcare, education, and beyond job opportunities. The city’s public parks, outdoor experiences, and rich arts scene embroider an already appealing lifestyle. Boca Raton is a bright choice for those seeking sun, safety, and growth.

Understand the real estate market

Florida’s real estate market shines with stability and growth, strikingly contrasting Canada’s diverse market scene. The Sunshine State’s homes are seeing their median sale prices gently climb to $415,000—a modest 2% uptick, alongside a welcoming 25% boost in listings, hinting at a market finding its equilibrium.

The condo scene in Florida isn’t lagging either, with median prices reaching $330,000, up by 7.5%, mirroring a healthy appetite for such living spaces. This increase in both single-family homes and condo listings points towards a broadening horizon for buyers.

Investor interest in Florida remains keen, and investors are drawn to the potential of Airbnb and the rental potential of hotspots like Tampa. This, coupled with the allure of no state income tax, positions Florida as a fiscal paradise for Canadians and many others, enriching the investor’s playground.

Where do Canadians go to live in Florida? Housing is an important factor when choosing the right place
Analyze the real estate market trends

Take care of the logistics and legalities

Relocating from Canada to sunny Florida isn’t just a matter of packing bags. Above all, it involves navigating through a maze of logistics and legal requirements. For starters, securing the appropriate visa is crucial. Skilled workers often find their gateway through the E.B. Visa category with the backing of an employer, while a variety of other visas—E, K, V, and Tn—cater to varied relocating needs.

But there’s more to it than just visa paperwork. Ensuring you’ve got all your documents in order, like your passport, proof of your professional ties, and financial stability records, is key to a smooth transition. And let’s not overlook the intricacies of the U.S. tax system and healthcare preparations, which are crucial pieces of the puzzle for anyone planning to call Florida their new home.

Community and lifestyle in Florida

There’s more to Florida than just finances and taxes. Beyond its beaches, you can enjoy a number of museums, art galleries, and great restaurants. Get away from the cities and discover the rural getaways that both have great breathtaking scenery and a place to relax. Florida provides a plethora of activities that characterize its distinct lifestyle, whether it be kayaking through serene seas, taking in works of art, or just relaxing while taking in a beachside sunset.

Where do Canadians go to live in Florida? Here are tips to help you wherever you move

After answering the question of where Canadians go to live in Florida, it’s time to go over certain details. Are you a Canadian that thinks Florida is the right place to move to? Then check out these tips to ensure a smooth adjustment. 

Investment tips for real estate

For Canadians looking to enjoy Florida’s sunny real estate opportunities, getting a grip on the market and smoothly navigating through the financial and legal seas is key. Even if you’re starting without a U.S. credit history, doors are open with options like Foreign National Mortgages and DSCR loans, which lean on potential rental earnings for approval. Step into the realm of U.S. credit, and FHA and Conventional Loans wave hello with their attractive terms.

Your navigational tools are picking the right spot, gauging the price, and getting a read on the local market’s pulse. The legal path is clear for Canadians. They have arms for property ownership in Florida. But don’t let tax surprises catch you off guard. Hire a savvy real estate agent, versed in the art of international deals, who can be your best ally in making the investment journey as smooth as Florida’s beaches.

100 dollar bills on top of each other
How to find the right real estate options in Florida?

Economic opportunities

With Florida’s economy gearing up for a 3.0% growth spurt in 2024, outstripping the national pace, it’s no wonder Canadians are looking southward. The blend of low taxes, gentle winters, and budget-friendly homes is magnetic, drawing in those seeking brighter economic horizons.

Pillars like tourism, agriculture, global trade, and aerospace are at the heart of the state’s prosperity. Florida’s prime spot on the map cements its trade and travel center role, hosting a constellation of multinational firms and aerospace giants. These industrial opportunities enrich the job market and open up vast investment avenues for Canadians casting their nets into Florida’s economic waters.

Education and healthcare

Florida’s reputation as a place of quality education and healthcare is well-earned, thanks to its premier institutions. With powerhouses like the University of Florida and Florida State University leading the charge, the state is a hotbed for diverse academic programs and cutting-edge research. When it comes to K-12 education, standout schools like Pine View School and School for Advanced Studies exemplify academic excellence. Moreover, healthcare in Florida stands tall with institutions such as the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville and Tampa General Hospital, both celebrated for their exceptional care and pioneering medical research.

Adapting to lifestyle and climate

Swapping Canada’s chilly breezes for Florida’s warm embrace means getting used to warm sunshine and higher humidity all year round. For many Canadians, Florida’s invitation to live outdoors—with endless chances for dips in the pool, sailing, hitting the golf greens, and lounging on sandy beaches—is irresistibly appealing. This leap from frosty winters to a subtropical haven encourages an always-on-the-move lifestyle, minus the snow shovel. Adjusting to this life involves drinking plenty of water and gearing up for the June to November hurricane watch.

People enjoying the beach
Florida is very different compared to Canada

Cultural integration

Settling into Florida from Canada is an adventure into a world where cultures blend beautifully, with a rich Hispanic heritage impacting everything from the food to the festivals. It’s a journey that calls for diving into the local scene—trying new dishes, celebrating at local events, and getting to know the folks next door. Whether it’s through the lively beats of a local music festival or the intimate gathering of a neighborhood potluck, each experience enriches your transition and connects you more deeply with the spirit of Florida.

Enjoy what Florida has to offer

Where do Canadians go to live in Florida? We hope we have provided you with both places and things that make the state of Florida an outstanding place to live. One thing is undeniable: There are just so many benefits to moving from Canada to Florida. Whether you’re moving for the beautiful weather or the no-state income taxes, you will be pleasantly surprised with all the state has to offer. Contact our company today; we will help you make Florida your new home.