Should I Purchase New Furniture When Moving or Keep the Old One?

You have probably heard many times that relocating is the same as entering a new chapter in life. You may have experienced it yourself. You are presented with the chance to make changes in the areas of your life you were not too happy with, ranging from your work, friends, neighbors, and your household items.

However, you may want to take a piece of your old place with you. It may not be possible to carry your friends and loved ones along, but your belongings are much easier options. Even so, you may question if carrying them is worth the trouble.

Not every moving company in Kingston does not provide an answer to this question, but we have compiled some considerations to take to help you come to a decision.

What should I consider when deciding to keep my old furniture?

If you’re thinking about keeping your old furniture and relocating it to your new home, it’s best to be familiar with all that awaits if you settle on that option. Also, here’s some advice that can help you decide if it’s better to keep or sell your existing furniture:

1. Pragmatic benefit

It will be reasonable to take pieces that you find appealing to your style. If your furniture is aged and worn out, on the other hand, leaving it would be for the best. You will need to consider:

  • Whether your pieces serve their function and offer comfort
  • Their quality and ability to withstand the test of time
  • The condition they are in. It would be pointless move a worn-out article
  • How long it will last
  • If it will be suited for your new home

2. Sentimental value

This is one of the most crucial factors to ponder on when deciding on what to do with your current furniture. It would probably be hard for you to leave behind furniture that has been a piece of your family heritage or an important event in your life.

Despite how aged it is or how costly it would be to have it relocated, the best option would most probably be to take it along with you. Even so, consider the following factors before making your final decision:

  • The amount of time it has been in the family. Some heirlooms have been known to pass down generations for decades or even centuries
  • The special moment in your life it has attached to it. Does it bring a special moment or person in mind when you see it?
  • Does it mean a lot to you or a family member?
  • Does it have aesthetic value and adds beauty to your home dĂ©cor?
  • The value of the piece money wise. Some heirlooms have been known to be quite expensive due to their vintage touch that is quite rare. Your furniture could be art, costly, feature crafts that display care and expertise, made by a famous individual, etc. if you are unsure of any of this, have an expert take a look at it to tell you just how much it would go for in the market

3. The risk involved in relocating them

Despite how valuable the pieces would be to you, sometimes it is better to leave your furniture as it is if the articles are at risk of incurring damage. If your furniture is scratched or broken, it would lose some value. Therefore, if the article cannot be taken apart and happens to be too bulky, too big, and feature a weird structure, you will be better off relocating without it.

4. The Price of moving and purchasing Furniture

In most cases, this factor will be the determinant of the choice you arrive at in the long run. The cost of moving furniture will depend on:

Hauling distance

Short moving distances will essentially cost less. Therefore, if your relocation is not taking you too far, you can take your articles with you. This decision will be cheaper than purchasing new furniture.

The haul of furniture across the country will be determined by how much your pieces weigh. Bulky pieces will result in a heftier hauling price. In this case, a purchase would be better. However, before you make this decision, consider the following:

  • The quotes provided by various relocating firms on the value of moving your pieces
  • The cost of purchasing new furniture. When doing this, remember to add the cost of delivery and time spent looking for new pieces
  • The price your old articles will go for and how that amount will help in getting new furniture

5. The effort required for the move

The price of moving furniture is dependent on the effort required to move it. For instance:

  • Fragile pieces will need to be handled cautiously and, in some cases, special moving containers such as crates.
  • Big articles will have to be taken apart to be moved. Unless you can handle this task on your own, expert help will be required
  • Some articles may fail to fit through doors. This means they will have to go through a window. This process will require the use of special tools to accomplish that come with a large price tag attached to them, even for hire
  • Difficult pieces such as pianos, pool tables, and grandfather clocks will need to be handled by specific relocating teams

The preparation of your furniture should tell you if you need to leave it or take it with you.

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