What to do this fall in Mississauga?

orange leaves

If you are a fall enthusiast, then welcome to Mississauga! This hidden Canadian jewel is all you need for an amazing fall experience! There are hundreds of parks, restaurants, and other interesting spots, and most of them are for free. The best of all is you don’t even need to leave the town! Everything is there, right at your fingertips. Excited? If you’re considering a move to truly experience all that Mississauga has to offer during this season, enlist the help of the top moving companies Toronto has to offer. Still wondering what to do this fall in Mississauga? Dive into our curated list of fantastic events suitable for everyone.

Go to visit the Farmers’ Markets

There are plenty of farmers’ markets in Mississauga. They offer the most amazing treats in fall. Can you imagine the rhapsody of colors and the mixtures of fresh foods? You can buy delicious fruits and vegetables, but not just that! There is some baked food available, and wonderful meals made from the season’s harvest. Don’t miss the chance to try jams and jellies, pumpkins and squash, smoked meats, sausages, and leafy greens. Some of the best farmers’ markets to visit are:

  • Erin Mills Farmers’ Market
  • Lions Farmers’ Market
  • Port Credit
  • Lakeview
A person holding a maple leaf
With wonderful colors and a unique environment, there are so many things to do this fall in Mississauga.

Go shopping!

The fall season is great for shopping in Mississauga. There are many shopping districts and malls, such as the renowned Square One Shopping Centre, which offers a plethora of retail stores, from high-end brands to unique local boutiques. Streetsville, another charming area, invites visitors to explore its quaint shops, offering everything from vintage finds to artisanal goods. Amidst the gentle fall breeze, outdoor markets also become a focal point, where locals and tourists alike can discover fresh, seasonal produce, and handcrafted items, and indulge in the warm, spicy aromas of autumn-inspired treats. If you’re considering relocating closer to these shopping hubs, you might think about getting assistance from reliable residential movers Toronto offers to streamline your moving process. This way, you can focus on mapping out your next shopping spree.

Enjoy the fresh air

If you are a real fall fan, then you will love to go outside. Mississauga is very beautiful in the fall. It will help you create the best memories while enjoying the fresh air. You can go cycling, hiking, and picnicking in parks and natural areas. Mississauga is home to over 500 parks and historic sites. You can have a walking tour and enjoy beautiful architecture while taking photos of buildings and houses. Don’t worry if you haven’t finished unpacking and unloading. Some of the movers Mississauga residents recommend the most will gladly take over these tasks, while you enjoy the wonderful surroundings.

a picnic setup
On a lovely autumn day, there’s nothing more delightful than a family picnic!

If you don’t know what to do this fall in Mississauga, attend a festival!

Mississauga hosts plenty of festivals during the year, but the most interesting ones are in the fall. Some of the most famous festivals and events are:

  • Harvest festival: Some local farms or areas might host harvest festivals, celebrating the bounty of the season with pumpkin patches, hayrides, and more.
  • Halloween events: Various neighborhoods, parks, and venues host Halloween-themed events, including haunted houses, pumpkin carving contests, and trick-or-treating.
  • Craft Beer and Food Festival: Celebrating local breweries and culinary delights, this festival typically offers a variety of craft beers and gourmet food options.
  • Light Up the Square: An event to mark the beginning of the holiday season, Light Up the Square is usually held in Celebration Square, featuring the lighting of the official Christmas tree, live performances, and a holiday market.

Get spooked!

Halloween is in the fall, and the residents of Mississauga just love it! Everywhere you go in the town, you can sense the holiday’s atmosphere – from mesmerizing lights and spooky sounds to spider figurines, haunted houses, scarecrows, owls, and costume parades. As people dress up as eerie creatures and go trick-or-treating, the festive spirit is palpable. Once you’re comfortably settled in Mississauga with the help of local movers Toronto has to offer, don’t miss out on the Halloweekend Roller Skating event. This one-of-a-kind roller skating experience promises a memorable adventure for all Halloween enthusiasts.

a happy family that knows what to do this fall in Mississauga
Put on your finest costume and join the Halloween festivities!

Visit galleries and museums

If you want a dose of culture and history, then visiting famous galleries and museums is a good idea.  You can visit the Art Gallery of Mississauga or the Bradley Museum. Here, you can see famous paintings, and artifacts, and learn about the past. Moreover, check out the schedule for the Living Arts Centre or the Meadowvale Theatre for performances and concerts. You can enjoy music and watch the performances of local bands and famous singers. Most of these events are held since September 29th, and last until the end of the fall season. Make sure you book your spot in advance if you want to attend one of these amazing gatherings. You can do it by visiting the official website of Mississauga or by making a phone call.

Mississauga fall season is the perfect time for everyone!

Spending the fall season in Mississauga can truly be a unique experience. There are so many things to do this fall in Mississauga, and you can choose the one based on your interests. Be it partaking in Halloween costume parties, exploring fresh produce at farmers’ markets, or soaking in the ambiance at local festivals – Mississauga never disappoints. If you’re considering spending a weekend here this fall, be prepared to be captivated. And for those contemplating a more permanent move, let Mississauga’s autumn charm be the convincing factor to make this city your new home.