What You Should Know When Relocating a Pool Table

Pool tables stack some serious weight. This is why many people prefer leaving the job of shifting them to experts. Besides this one, there are additional reasons why moving a pool table single-handedly is not the best idea.

Whether you are resolute on saving some cash and asking some pals to help you move one or if you’re still not decided if you should opt for experts, take a look at the opinion of the leading provider of moving services in Etobicoke. This is what you need to consider:

Why should I hire movers?

Before embarking on taking your table apart, it is important to know why moving one is a job best left to experts. Your friends probably gathered around and lifted it a little to see if they could move it. However, lifting it for just a couple of minutes and shifting it a couple of feet differ from each other a lot.

Taking into consideration these items weigh an average of 700 pounds, have you thought about how to maneuver it through the door or up a few stair flights? Moreover, you can damage the table by rocking, bumping, or dropping it. Normally, table legs are secured to the cabinet by a large pin. Moving it can cause alterations to this pin, resulting in the expanding of the housing: this, in turn, causes wobbling.

On top of that, the whole table can lose balance, causing some elements to shift. A team of skilled movers knows how to cautiously move them while keeping movement to a minimum. They also ensure that everything is well fastened when it is unloaded upon arrival at the destination.

How can I do it on my own?

If you’re still determined to move your pool table alone, multiple helping hands are a requirement. Even disassembling the table is a tough task. That is why you should do all you can to bribe your friends with food and drinks and get them to come help you out.

Before embarking on the task, you’ll need some tools: protective eyewear, a flathead screwdriver, and staple remover. The protective eyewear is for use when pulling out staples from the pocket straps since they tend to fly around once removed. Here’s how you should approach disassembling your pool table:

  • Pull out and safely store the staples as well as the bolts beneath the rails to avoid the loss of any. The rails will pop out, so the felt can be detached. In most cases they have staples, but if yours is glued on, remove it with caution.
  • Proceed to turn the table over and pull out the screens and the slate from the frame. Finally, unfasten the legs. To avoid incurring any damage, wrap the articles separately.
  • Once you arrive at your new house, you’ll need to reassemble it the same way. Take note of the placement of staples. If you have a glue-on felt, ensure it is done extremely carefully as any mistakes could interfere with your pool game.

Which company provides reliable pool table moving services in Etobicoke?

Moving pool tables is tough. You put yourself as well as the pool table at risk of damage. It doesn’t matter if you are hiring a truck and doing a DIY move, this one might require you to rent the services of reputable movers. Luckily, there is one company you can always count on – Miracle Movers.

We are your go-to moving professionals in Etobicoke, and you can rely on us to prepare your pool table for the relocation and provide a many useful tips on having a smooth move. It doesn’t matter if you’re situated near James Gardens or at another location. Our movers will be there to handle all your requirements. Give us a call today!