5 Red Flags of Unprofessional Movers

What red flags should you pay attention to

Avoiding scams and red flags should be a priority when hiring professionals to relocate your valuable belongings. On the big day of the move, you want the providers you chose to perform moving services in Ottawa and the region for you to be responsible, knowledgeable, and possess the legal right to perform a job of this kind. Informing yourself about the characteristics you should avoid and researching moving companies you take into consideration should significantly help you make a decision you won’t regret. 

In the following article, you’ll find the most important red flags you should consider before handing over your hard-earned money to a moving company.

What red flags should you pay attention to?

With many great challenges that await you during the relocation, worrying about the reliability of your movers shouldn’t be the case. You want to find a team of pros who will perform the relocation efficiently and without showing any red flags, making you think about tipping them right away

Luckily, here are 5 ways you can easily notice moving scams and red flags:

1. No insurance

Every professional moving company should have insurance that protects it from liability in case of accident and damage while also protecting you from inconveniences. If the company cannot provide you with its policy, it surely means your movers won’t reimburse you for any losses. 

2. No license

On the other hand, your cross-border movers should be regulated by the authorities of the country you’re moving from. If you have no proof of this or your movers refuse to show it to you, rethink hiring them. 

3. Unrealistic estimates

Beware of too-good-to-be-true price estimates because that often means your movers are hiding something. They can be a very poor service provider or they’ll be the kind of technicians who offer you a low-ball estimate at the beginning while doubling the costs later on.

4. They demand to be paid upfront

If your professionals demand to be paid upfront, it can be a sign they’re fraudulent and plan to do the job partially or run away. Look for movers that are asking for a small deposit or offering payments after the goods are delivered to your new destination. 

5. You cannot track the truck during the move

You should be able to communicate with the movers and the driver of the moving truck during the transportation stage. Avoid movers who are not ready to constantly inform you about the current whereabouts of your possessions. This is the peace of mind every person deserves on such an important and already stressful day.

Who offers detail-oriented moving services in Ottawa and the area?

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