Car Shipping 101: All You Need to Know

Can you put stuff in a car when you ship it

Whether you’re planning to ship your car long or short distance, this process is demanding, complicated, and complex. One of the things you’ll have to do is research companies in Canada and choose a car carrier or shipping service that will suit your needs. Before doing that and planning the whole process, you should make sure you set your expectations and gather all the necessary information.

To help, we’ve prepared some things you’ll find useful when preparing your car for shipping

Can you put stuff in a car when you ship it?

It‘s legal to ship your items inside a car but you should definitely talk about this with your company representative. Many companies will advise you not to do it, as there’s always a possibility your belongings get damaged or stolen during the transportation process. 

Car shipping has a weight limit that’s connected to the make and model of the vehicle. This means that if you ship your items along with it, the price of services will go up.

Apart from that, the carrier will have to make a few stops on the route, and people can see your items and use this opportunity to try and steal something. There is also the risk of getting your items damaged from being bumped around during transportation. 

Your professionals can ask you to remove all personal items from your car or let you leave certain items, as long as they’re below the window lines. This way, they won’t be easy to notice by the people passing by.

If you decide to leave some of the items, make sure they’re properly packed in the boxes, and don’t place valuables inside your vehicle.

Do cars get damaged in shipping?

Whether you’re planning to ship your car once again or for the first time, one of your primary concerns is the safety of your vehicle. However, if you choose a reliable and reputable company, you won’t have to sit praying and worrying about the safety of your valuable possession. 

Apart from that, today’s top-rated car shipping companies will insure your vehicle during the time it’s in their possession. Checking the shipping policies of a company is a great way to tell the difference between a professional provider and a mediocre one. 

How much does it cost to ship a car across Canada?

The cost of shipping services across Canada will depend on several factors:

  • Whether it’s enclosed or open-air shipping
  • Whether it’s a door-to-door transportation service
  • Are you booking on a short timeline or not?
  • Method of shipment – Is your choice a truck, train, boat, or plane?
  • The size and weight of your vehicle
  • What moving season is it? Is the process taking place during the summer or the holidays?
  • The distance between the pickup and delivery
  • The fuel prices

However, most trusted companies will offer you a free quote and make sure you get the best possible price.

Where in Canada can I find a reliable car shipping service?Do cars get damaged in shipping

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