6 Common Office Relocation Mistakes

What mistakes should I avoid when moving my office

Relocating your office is a lengthy, dynamic, and stressful process. You have to think about your employees, customers, and numerous tasks. Many Toronto owners search among various office moving services to make things easier for them. 

If you’re planning to move your current office, read on to learn what to avoid when planning and executing the moving process.                  6 Common Office Relocation Mistakes

What mistakes should I avoid when moving my office?

It’s important to know tips for successful office relocation, as well as things you should avoid when doing it:

1. Rushing

Taking time to plan and organize something in advance will ensure the moving process is successful and less stressful. Create a checklist with the tasks you need to do before, during, and after the move. Make a thorough plan and choose the start date as much in advance as possible. This will give you and your employers enough time to make necessary preparations while also leaving time for any mishaps and unforeseen drawbacks during the transition.

2. Forgetting to de-clutter

If you don’t declutter while preparing for the move, you’ll transport unnecessary things to your new office. Relocation’s a great opportunity to get rid of unwanted clutter. Throw away things you won’t use or give them away. This way, you’ll free up space and make your new office look more fresh and tidy. Organize your documents and make them easily accessible. Think about adding storage space to your office (more file cabinets, bins, or boxes). 

3. Not keeping a checklist

To avoid forgetting tasks or items make sure you keep two checklists: the first one should contain all the things you need to do, and the second one should contain your office items. The office items checklist is especially important if something goes missing after the relocation. Although it seems like additional work, it’ll help you keep track of all necessary things.

4. Not updating the address in advance

If you don’t update your address on time, it’s likely that you’ll forget to do that later because of all the other things on your checklist. The tip’s to make sure to do this before the relocation and notify the clients about it. You want them to be able to find you, and you want your address to be changed everywhere – from the official site to all email campaigns and email signatures.

5. Not getting rid of unnecessary equipment

If you don’t get rid of unnecessary equipment, you’ll have to carry them and pay for their transportation. They’re excessive weight and will only make your new office look stuffed. Throw away or give away anything you won’t need and place some new items instead. It’ll make the new office look even more tidy and fresh, while also saving you space and money.

6. Not labeling

To make the unloading go easily and smoothly, take some extra time and label everything. Whether it’s file cabinets, bins, boxes, or personal computers of employees, grab markers and sticky notes and mark everything. Doing this will speed up the unloading process and won’t leave space for mistakes. You should label fragile things and separate them from those less fragile ones. 

Where in Toronto can I find expert and reliable office moving services?

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Where in Toronto can I find expert and reliable office moving services