Moving can be an exciting venture, but it can also be quite the hustle since a lot of planning goes into the whole process. Most individuals hire professionals to assist them with packing and transporting their goods, and if you work with experts like Oakville movers, then you should know that there are some things that they will not agree to relocate for you. Some of them include:


Movers will not allow you to place the pet crate in the back with the boxes, nor have it in the front seat. Moving animals is your responsibility, and if you do not know how to go about it, some companies specialize in moving pets, so you should probably get in touch with them.

Construction materials

This could be bricks, wood, window glass sheets, etc. just in case there are any construction implements in the home, do not wait for the crew to box them up along the other items. This is because most trucks are not built to carry such objects, and it could also be an issue loading and unloading them.

Hazardous materials

This includes items such as explosives, old fireworks, opened paint cans, or anything that could be a fire hazard or could spill in the truck. Remember to always ask about what sort of insurance they have because it will most likely not cover hazardous substances.

Small to medium automobiles

There are companies in the industry who have specialized in the relocation of motor vehicles, as it is a haul that needs certain licenses. The team could help transport the boxes and other objects, but for things such as motorbikes, they are most likely to refuse.

Sever rooms

Moving a server room needs a lot of expert training and licenses which most moving companies do not have. The crew can handle moving the office, but when it comes to the server room, it can be a little tricky. Therefore, before hiring a crew, ask if they relocate server rooms as well.

Grand pianos

Upright pianos are easier to relocate than grand pianos, which is why most movers will say no to relocate it. This is because it has a lot of fragile parts, and also it weighs a lot. If you have a grand piano in your home and are planning a move, then it is best to get specialized piano movers to assist you with it.

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