Packing Services 101 Pt. 1: What Should I Expect & Avoid?

Packers are movers that have years’ worth of experience in packing household items; they work very quickly and efficiently; their task is to pack tightly and carefully; their goal is to pack each box to capacity without overpacking so that it ends up being too heavy or under packing it, filling it with more paper than required.

They have received training to meet high industry standards and, in most cases, can make packing look much easier than it is. Once packers enter your house, they will look around with you and listen to any concerns you may have for items that require special care.

Once they fully understand what is required of them, they will move to pack your belongings quickly. Here are some common questions about the packing process:

What will the packers do?

The first step they take is to protect your home. Usually, they will start by protecting your floors. Next, they will bring packing materials, boxes, tape and paper to your home. Many a time, they will then split taking different rooms of your home. One packer may work in your kitchen while another may begin working in one of your bedrooms.

The packers will identify the room of the house the carton is from, but won’t mark individual items on the boxes. If you want to take notes regarding the items in a box for your convenience, that’s something you’ll need to do yourself. In a day, two professional packers should be capable of effectively packing around 100-150 boxes.

Will there be any damage to my things?

Professional packers have received training on how to wrap and protect items by placing them a specific way inside a box or carton. This doesn’t mean that items are never broken. Many different circumstances can determine whether or not something ends up breaking, but the occurrence of any damage is much less common when using a professional packer than when you do it yourself.

How do they pack so fast?

Packers aren’t sentimentally attached to your items like you are, so they function in their roles systematically, much like a robot. Emotions, memories, and decisions on what is disposed of and what stays are not things they are concerned with, so they can effectively complete their job faster.

It is important that you clearly identify what is going and what isn’t before the packing day. If not, it becomes impossible for packers to focus, making it a costly process to you if you are not decided on what to take and what to leave behind while they are already in your house.

Is my presence required while packers are packing?

Simply put, yes. You do need to be there for your packing. You should also ensure that children and pets are not in the way of the packers as this can make them work slower and create unsafe distractions.

Also, there are often parts and pieces that will be lying loose during the process of disassembly and packing. These objects could be hazardous to the safety of children and pets, so it’s best to ensure they’re occupied elsewhere.

How do the packers know what to pack and what not to pack?

It is important to know that your local North York movers/packers will never try to determine which of your items are trash or which ones should not be packed. When they enter your home, they will pack it as they find it. Therefore, it’s best that you ready yourself for their arrival by ensuring that all trash, newspapers, magazines and items meant for Goodwill that you do not want to carry with you, have been removed from your home before the day of service.

Also, make sure your laundry and dishes are clean, and that your washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher are all empty. Keep in mind that packers pack what is in sight throughout the home, so they will not inspect the washer, dryer or dishwasher.

Lastly, if it’s your intention to take any items with you personally, set aside a room or closet for them and label that room as “do not pack” or “taking with us.”

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