Welcome back! Yesterday we provided you with some helpful tips on what to expect when hiring packers and what to avoid in order to save time, and avoid frustration and stress. Here are some more answers to common questions and guidelines to follow to properly deal with the flurry of activity on packing day to keep chaos at bay.

How do the packers fill every carton?

At times, your packers may have completed packing items in a room they are working in and will not have filled the box. In such a case, they will continue to place items from another room into that box to properly fill it to capacity. This is standard and customary and aids in preventing damage to articles inside the carton. You may notice this while unpacking your belongings at your new home, so just know that it’s all part of the packing process.

Who is the determiner of when everything is done and packed?

At the end of the day, the responsibility is yours to make sure that everything that needed to be packed has been packed before releasing the remove this word, it’s too repetitive team. To effectively do this, walk through your home with the head of your packing team and check all cabinets, cupboards, closets, and drawers. Once you’ve released your packing team, any unpacked items become your responsibility to prepare before the driver arrives. If you ask your driver to pack some belongings, you will be required to pay him or her for it; Such services are usually considered to be above the quotation provided by your packing team.

Will I like it?

If you prepare yourself properly, the experience will be pleasant. How great is it to not stress about packing before you move? It’s awesome! However, to avoid as much stress as possible, you need to prepare in advance because it may not happen exactly how you planned. Local moving companies want you to be prepared for their arrival, and you should feel free to ask your moving consultant and/or relocation coordinator any questions you might have throughout the packing process so they can be of the possible help with your upcoming move.

Finally, and just to help make the most of each packing job, here are some pro guidelines from sought-after movers in North York and the surrounding areas:

Consider labeling the bedrooms with children’s names or other meaningful names so that the packer will know which name to write on boxes with items packed from that room.

Have some zipper bags available for screws, nuts, and bolts required for any belongings that are disassembled. Usually, packers will provide a carton for such parts, so aside from the nuts and bolts from disassembled items, this box is a good place to put things like remote controls and a cordless telephone to help you know where to find them when your shipment is delivered.

If you have belongings that are of sentimental value to you, tell your moving consultant and your team leader about them once they arrive so they can be prepared on how to handle them with special care.

Be ready to recognize things that cannot be packed and remove them from your home before the packing day. Such items include fingernail polish remover and liquid cleaners. Review this complete list with your moving consultant and/or your coordinator. Should you have any questions, they can address them with you before packing day.

If you are still searching for the right company, Miracle Movers in North York is always there for its customers and always ready to help with packing and moving! Just contact us directly or simply complete an online estimate form.