Clutter can easily take up a lot of room in your house, leaving you with barely enough to keep what is essential. The effects can also make it difficult when handling a relocation since some small moving companies Concord determine their quotes by weight and size. Even so, the idea of going through your belongings while deciding what to keep and what goes into the trash can seem daunting. We compile a new home cleaning checklist of some of the things you can consider getting rid of to get you started.


If you have already handled your relocation, then you most probably have a lot of hauling containers lying around. Not only do these items take up a lot of space, but they also serve as a breeding ground for cockroaches and other pests, especially if they absorb moisture. Therefore, throw them out as soon as you are done unpacking or sell and donate them if they are still usable.

Old Menus

Carry out menus can easily pile up in your house, especially if you are in the habit of getting takeout. Their small nature makes them easy to forget to trash, even if you don’t like the food from a particular place. A lot of restaurants are now moving with the new technological age to include their menus online, so consider getting rid of those cluttering your home.

Water Bottles

These items are usually some of the most presented giveaway prizes, and they can quickly accumulate space in your home. The plastic kind can also accrue if you purchase bottled water. These doodads can easily overrun your residence, which makes them among the things you should look to declutter often.

Old Calendars

Even if you love the photos that are attached to them, there is no need to hang on to old calendars unless you cut out and frame them to keep on your wall.

Unmatched Socks

You may not have clarity on how they vanished, but you can be sure that the other sock is not going to get back its partner. Therefore, get rid of it as well.

Old Linens and Towels

These are household elements that have to be replaced every couple of years. You can hang on to a few of them to help you deal with leaks and other accidents such as significant spills. However, if you have too many lying around, you can take them to an animal shelter where they will be much appreciated.

Expired Food

Sift through your refrigerator and drawers and rid of any shriveled and stale items. Keep in mind that canned food also has expiry dates so check those too. That way, you can make a meal using those that are about to go bad or donate them to shelters.

Old Toys

You could be holding on to your toys as a reminder of your childhood or that of your children even if they no longer live with you. If they are taking up too much space, it is best to give them to other kids who would put them to use. However, you may want to hang on to rare pieces that have gone out of stock if yours is in pristine condition since most pack a lot of value.