8. Help your pets acclimatize

In Part 1 and Part 2 of “What to do after moving” we shared 7 primary actions, that should be taken upon arrival to a new place. Here are 3 more helpful tips:

The best post-relocation medicine for your dog is outdoor play.

If you just relocated with a pet or pets, you shouldn’t worry yourself too much about what to do after you move into a new home with Thornhill movers. You need to make sure your animal friend is feeling okay and at home after the sudden change and unexpected leap out of their comfort zone.

The first thing you can do for them, especially in the case of cats and dogs, is to clean your new place thoroughly due to the acute sense of smell they have. The next best thing you can do for them is to tend to their needs to show them how much you care for them. Always find time to play with them every now and then, and avoid leaving them alone for a longer period of time.

The best thing you can do for your pet after moving house is to give them enough time to adjust properly to the new environment. Keep a close eye on them and if the post-relocation problem persists for a long time, consider getting professional advice.

9. Make new friends

Changing home is always a tough thing for everyone. A phenomenon known as separation anxiety can be a possible side effect of the recent residential move. Leaving family and good friends behind as a result of relocating, will most of the times manifest through sadness and depression. And the fact that you probably do not know anyone in the new area yet, would make the things even more complicated. At least until you start meeting new people.

There surely are plenty of things you can do after your moving and storage company relocated all the belongings, but as we all know, speaking and interacting with other people in the new neighbourhood, will be of great help in order to settle in at a fast pace. Don’t hesitate to go and say hello to your neighbors, and grab the chance to get to know them better. Even at your new job, don’t worry about not fitting in, instead talk and spend more time with your co-workers both in the office and after the working hours. Join a new club, take some dance lessons or a hobby that involves interaction with people who share the same interests.

But always keep in mind – no matter how many new friends did you already manage to make, or what amazing new places and events have you seen, never forget to keep in touch with your old friends.

10. Get to know your new city

Obviously, you should get to know that new city a little better. Besides all the important places and those who you will need and visit the most, it will be a lot easier for you if you get familiar with all the surroundings around your house, work and not only.

From time to time, take exploratory walks first in your neighbourhood, and then throughout the city itself. Familiarize yourself with the city landmarks, learn a bit more about its history, and maybe even make an effort to understand how the locals enjoy life in general. In other words, dare to step outside the comfort of your new home more often, and hopefully, you will soon be on friendly terms with your new city.