If you got a chance to check Part 1 on “What to do after moving” you already know first 4 steps that should be taken after you moved with local moving companies. Here are other helpful tips:

5. Register your child at a new school

If you just moved to a new home with a school-age child, you must understand how crucial it is to find a new school for him or her, so as to continue their education. Do a bit of a research and find the school that would meet all your and your child’s requirements, so this way you will be sure they will get the best possible start in their school life.

If you haven’t found a good school for your son or daughter before the move, you have to do it as soon as possible. And being one of the things to take care of when relocating to a new city, it’s important that you complete that important task within the limited time.

First, ask for recommendations from friends or colleagues, or even from neighbors who happen to know which schools in the area are good and which are not. Going online to gather more information is always a plus. However, in order to get a better idea of what to expect from a certain school, the best option would be to actually visit it before coming up with a final decision, and this way you will get a chance to talk to some teachers or the principal, take a small tour around the school or even see how the whole system works.

Make sure to have all the necessary documents handy, in case you have decided to register your kid at the chosen school.

6. Find suitable health care providers

You’re going to have to find a good pediatrician too if you just moved with a small child.

Since your body and mind are unfamiliar with the conditions of the new city, you never know how will they react to the elevated stress of the recent move or the conditions of the new environment. It may be hard for your previous health care provider to see you and have a look at you should you become ill, or simply need a particular document from a doctor.

Finding a new family physician for you and your family members, as well as a new veterinarian for your pet, if applicable, is a checklist task of utmost importance. As was the case with Your child’s school, getting recommendations from trusted people is still the best way to find the best healthcare provider for you and your family.

The guiding principle in making the right choice between a primary care doctor and a specialized one is to keep in mind your specific medical needs. The years of experience and the personality of your future doctor are also important factors to take into consideration.

7. Register your motor vehicle

If you have crossed one or several province lines to reach your destination and had your car transported for you, then you should register your car in the new province. You may also need to transfer your driver’s license as well. The good news is that the tasks are quite easy, so visit your local DMV office to make the change.

Depending on the new province or state, the deadline for registering your motor vehicle will vary, so make sure you find a DMV at your earliest, within the frames of the given deadline of course. And in case you cannot find it, always feel free to access the DMV office finder to learn the whereabouts of the one that is closest to you. Therefore, for more information, either contact the central Canadian DMV office in the province or have the job done within the next few days to avoid possible run-ins with the law.

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