Planning on moving to a new house anytime soon? The idea sounds exciting, but the process can be tedious and stressful; hence why you need time to arrange and pack your belongings. Each room in the home bears its challenges depending on what needs to be moved, and that’s where local movers in Toronto come in. Their primary goal is to make your move more comfortable and stress-free. When it comes to your dining room, they have invented a simple guide that shows you how to pack and prepare your belongings for the movers.

The dining room is typically furnished with many delicate pieces; hence you should have enough packing supplies. These include:

  • Packing Paper
  • Dish Cartons
  • Cardboard Dividers
  • Packing Tape
  • Bubble Wrap, etc.

The guide provides packing hacks which ensure organization and saves on your time while safely moving your belongings.

Packing Glassware and China

These are the most fragile and small hence have a higher risk of breaking or cracking. By packing them up first, it saves you much stress and hassle. It also allows you plenty of time to make sure they are securely packed for transit.

To avoid breakage, wrap each glass and plate in a sheet of packing paper or tissue paper. Fill the insides of glasses and bowls with crumpled newspaper.

In a dish carton, stack the plates vertically. Consider using a standard dish carton which is sturdier and specifically designed for holding the extra weight of dishes and glassware. In the bottom layer, you should be able to get at least two rows of plates side by side. To provide more cushioning, place a sheet of packing paper on top of the dishes.

If there is space for more, place a layer of wrapped glasses on the papermaking use of the cardboard dividers. This will separate the crystals into their cells and assure you of their safety.

Packing Home Decor

Home decor comes in different shapes, sizes, and materials. These will require a different approach when it comes to packing them. The technique adopted will depend entirely on the material and your personal preference.

Consider breakable pieces such as ceramic or glass and wrap them in packing paper before boxing them. The sturdier pieces may not require wrapping paper. For your fabric items, consider placing them in sealed plastic bags to ensure they are not exposed to moisture during transit.

While packing from one room to the other works for some people, others prefer packing like items together. When it comes to the heavy stuff, it’s advisable you place them on the bottom of the box then top with lighter items.

To ease packing your home decor, the following hacks should come in handy:

  • Label your boxes and bags containing your items such as electronics, appliances, and computers.
  • For your flat glass items such as mirrors, make use of bubble wraps to prevent breakage.
  • Ensure you don’t leave spaces inside boxes because this will increase chances of your fragile decor knocking over one another.
  • As much as you may be tempted to fill your boxes to the brim, please don’t. The fuller the box the more likely the contents could break.
  • Make use of packing tape by wrapping a layer around boxes containing the heavier items.

Packing Your Appliances

You should prepare your appliances before the house movers set out to move your belongings. Ensure they are clean and secure any loose components with small pieces of tape. These include plastic shelves from your fridge.

Taping them will ensure the stability of the shelves and drawers while being moved onto and off trucks by the movers. For your small countertop appliances and glass components, make use of the bubble wrap and packing wrap. Afterward, pack them in boxes and remember to place packing paper between the glass items.

Preparing your Dining Room Furniture

Just like the glasses, your furniture needs just as much attention. Break the furniture down as much as possible by removing their legs and other removable parts. At the same time be sure to keep the nuts and bolts in a bag with a label.

All the removable parts should be stored separately or taped together to avoid them getting mixed up with the other items.

As much as moving to a new house is exciting but the process itself can be draining and frustrating without the right kind of professional help. With local movers in Toronto coming to help, you can step back and let the hard work done for you which involves both packing and unpacking services for their customers.