What Additional Services Do Professional Movers Provide?

Relocating may sound like a simple aspect when talked about hypothetically. However, it gets a lot trickier when all the processes involved are taken into consideration. Some people may be able to handle all the processes themselves, but others may find them too demanding both physically and psychologically. In such cases, you can opt to turn to expert services for assistance. Below are the extra services offered by moving companies across Lethbridge.

What additional services do moving companies provide?

If you’re hiring professional movers to help with your relocation, you should be able to customize your moving package to even the smallest details. Here are some of the additional moving services that will allow you to adjust the moving package to suit your needs:

Organizing possessions

Organizing is the most demanding task during a move because of the time, care, and attention required when undertaking the process. Therefore, if the task proves too hard for you to accomplish, lack enough tools, or lack the expertise to handle fragile items, expert movers can take care of it for you.

The job will be completed within time, and damages to your possessions will be covered by the relocation firm, which won’t be the case if you organize yourself. The fees incurred will be dependent on the items being packed, the organizing materials used, and the time it takes.

As for fragile elements that need special moving containers, you can easily hire crating services. That way, your belongings will have the best security. The movers can also arrange your goods at the new place. They’ll move the containers to their respective areas, unpack them, and get rid of the organizing tools and materials at a charge.

Taking apart furniture

It is probably for the best if you let your movers handle pricey and antique pieces to avoid incurring any damage to them. This can also apply to regular pieces that you do not know how to take apart.

Movers come with special tools and the expertise that makes it easier to dismantle, relocate, load, and transport furniture without much hassle. The amount charged is normally gauged by the time dedicated to the job.

Relocating heavy belongings

Possessions such as pianos, pool tables, and wood stoves can be risky to relocate on your own because of the weight they pack and the complexity of the relocation. Movers will handle such items much easier, but at an additional fee due to the expertise required and the increase in shipment weight.


In some cases, huge belongings such as furniture may fail to fit through passages and doorways. The movers offer rigging services that will hoist the item through a window or another alternative exit.

Hoisting belongings upstairs

If you have belongings that have to be carried through stairs, it will cost you extra but it will be well worth the fee.

Hauling belongings far off

The lack of parking space may demand the movers to park the relocation truck at a distance. This extra distance will force the movers to charge you extra.

Transfer services

For homes that cannot be accessed by a huge relocating vehicle, the relocating crew will have to organize for your belongings to be picked up by smaller trucks and transferred to the relocating vehicle.

Individual relocating vehicle

Most people choose to move their belongings together with others in a long-distance haul to save some cash. However, having your goods transported individually can also be organized, of course, but it will be more costly.

Different pickup and delivery

Some belongings may have to be taken to storage before you can have them transported to your home. This detour will cost you some extra cash.

Change of delivery date

Some circumstances may force you to change the day you can receive your shipment. Your relocating agency can adjust to your schedule and changes, but it will lead to extra charges due to their availability and other factors like the time spent to organize the process.

Storage at movers’ warehouse

Certain situations, such as any misunderstandings between you and your movers and the lack of necessary preparation, may force your possessions to be held at the relocating firm’s warehouse a while longer. Despite the cause of the delay, extra charges will be included in your final bill.

It is important to remember that extra service charges are not always included in your moving quote. Therefore, always inform your relocating firm of any extra services you will require for them to include the necessary fees and avoid any unpleasant surprises at the end of your relocation.

Which moving company in Lethbridge provides the finest additional services?

Booking standard moving services is the entry level into the world of professional moving assistance. It is the additional moving services that separate premium moving companies from run-of-the-mill movers. That is why you should always pay close attention to all the extra services movers can offer in addition to their basic moving service. Having the ability to customize your moving package can greatly help you receive the moving service you need.

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