6 Dos and Don'ts for Winter Relocation

What to know about moving in the winter

Winter is a truly special time of year that brings the holiday spirit and a cozy atmosphere into your home. However, it also brings cooler weather which can really make your life more difficult if you’re relocating. From snow on the ground to very cold temperatures, this period will definitely bring its own set of challenges during your move.

This is why you should not only look for reliable companies in Ottawa that hire professional movers, but also research the things you should be careful about while relocating in the cold winter months. 

The following article offers 6 dos and don’ts you should follow if you want your moving process to be completed successfully no matter the weather conditions

What to know about moving in the winter?

In order to make sure your winter relocation transpires smoothly and without any hitch, you should know what you are getting into when planning your relocation. Researching and carefully organizing your process won’t only help you avoid common mistakes but also help you focus on every detail, from how to pack things to whether or not to tip your movers. While planning, pay attention to the following dos and don’ts:


Let’s see what things you should do when opting for winter relocation:

1. Prepare additional equipment

In order to pack your items efficiently and protect them during the move, you should buy extra supplies in case some of them are ruined due to poor weather. Also, prepare old sheets, towels, and blankets for covering your boxes while carrying them to the truck.

2. Prepare your home for the move

You or your professional crew should place floor protection to prevent stains and damage due to melted snow mixed with dirt and mud. Pay special attention to making sure driveways, walkways, parking, and loading areas are free from accumulated snow, ice, and mud.

3. Start early and allow extra time

Since the days in the winter are shorter, make sure you start the process early in the morning so you use natural light as much as you can. You should also leave some extra time available in case a delay occurs.


Here are the things you should avoid doing when relocating in the winter:

1. Don’t forget to check the weather forecast

It’s important to look at the weather forecast for both locations while preparing and completing your move. This way you’ll know if a sudden snowstorm or rain is coming or if there are possible weather complications.

2. Don’t forget to pay attention to the heating

Lower the heating at your current home. You’ll open your windows and doors often when loading which will lead to overworking your heating system. Make sure the heating is turned on inside your future home so that it’s warm enough for your arrival.

3. Don’t pack your winter gear

Due to the stress and excitement, people tend to forget they shouldn’t pack everything. Make sure to set aside boots, jackets, coats, hats, gloves, and scarves in order to be prepared for the big move day. 

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