Moving to a new location doesn’t have to be so stressful – in fact, it can be exciting! Walls to decorate, a room to imagine, and a vision to have – what’s wrong with that? But we get it. There are heaps of boxes to unload, payments to arrange, and other concerns associated with relocating. Homeowners have the ease of installation and arranging construction, but what about other people? Well, things aren’t so easy. However, there are many helpful ways to make you feel right at home in your soon-to-be apartment. So, read up!

Unpack ASAP

Our first advice to give is unpacking ASAP! Why? The sooner you’re able to unpack and get things out of the way – you’ll feel more at home. Don’t ignore the array of boxes sitting in your living room. It’s best to attack them right away. Moreover, as we’ll discuss in the next couple of headlines – go ahead and unpack the big things first. It’s tempting to leave items hanging for the last minute, but the truth is told – this is the path to disaster for any relocation. The result of this procrastination is disorganization, stress, and a tireless moving day. Trust us when we say so – don’t wait until the last day!

Listen to Some Music

Unpacking doesn’t have to be so boring and grueling – put on your favorite jams while you work. This will help you be a bit more relaxed. Create a playlist that will be sure to lift your spirits. Maybe it’s a bit of old time music, some soul artists or the latest pop. You decide! Music, as many could relate, can make any activity seem better or more bearable.

Get the Big Things Out of the Day

It’s important to unpack all of the big things first. You’ll want to get those out of the way as soon as possible. These include items like furniture, exercise equipment and appliances (dishwashers, stove, treadmill etc). Some people question, “Doesn’t it make sense to get all the small items out first?” However, that simply leaves a more difficult process for you to take on. Big things take up space, and you don’t want to come back to find you have no room for your larger appliances.


Snuggle into your new bed and make yourself feel right at home! Not only will relaxing rest erase your stress from moving – you will be very comfortable as well! Relax especially before moving day – even if you’re getting plenty of help. Trust us – you’ll need it.

Prepare your New Bathroom

The items like your hair products or toiletries would definitely be the same to your new location. However, the walls and the colors – of course, those are subject to change. Your old items will probably keep your comfort and contribute to making yourself feel at home. When you change a few things, though, they can allow you to be creative and inspired.

Open up Space

Moving to an apartment can be very different – especially space wise. If you’re subject to feeling like you’re in a tight, uncomfortable place, you can do something about it! Try to let some air in with the windows. However, if that doesn’t help because of your setting, using soft incandescent bulbs is another great option. Because of less access to natural light, you should you use lamps with those particular light bulbs.

Don’t Give Up Your Home Completely

If you’re countless miles away from home, you know there’s no turning back. But don’t turn your back completely. Attain pictures of your friends and family or old-time posters that make you laugh or feel good (or nostalgic). Anything that reminds you of your old home, brings you a bittersweet memory, and deserves a spot in your new home – bring it with you! We can ensure you that you will feel better after packing and unpacking these memorable items.

Ensure a Security Check

You want your new location to be safe. Make sure you check the doors, windows, rooms and any other potential threats to the security of your new home. Locking your doors or windows enhances your safety at night (or any time of the day). If you don’t feel safe for any reason, make sure you call a few important people: the housing community, your property’s manager, or a specialist to fix a particular problem. You don’t want to be one of many people that are victims of burglary – especially after trying to adjust to a new home. Get the security check done right away. That way, there will be no surprises or sudden circumstances that might make you unhappy or uncomfortable at your new apartment.

Relax and Adjust

If you have friends or family near your new location, feel free to host a dinner or party. Familiar or everyday faces can make it much easier to adjust to your new location. Now, if you’re nowhere near friends or family, just take some time to relax and meet new people. But first – relax. Lie down, take a hot, soothing bath and get a good night’s rest. You’ll need it.


No one said moving to a new apartment was easy. But with these handy tips, it sure can be! You can definitely ease the struggle of relocating by following this guideline. Moving Day and the days following it can result in a disaster for those who were not well informed on what to do. However, you have plenty of information to ensure your adjustment to the new apartment is easy, safe, and efficient. After receiving help from Miracle Movers in Mississauga – whether it was help from our blog or very own movers – we can assure you will have a great relocation.