Moving is indeed one of the most stressful milestones in life, and most people will agree with that. All the planning will consume a lot of time and energy, thus making it very difficult to find something exciting in the way. But despite that, there are still some activities you may include in your move to make things fun. Moving companies in Calgary understand that big changes are ahead, so they have some advice on fun things to do and still stay on track.

1.  Have a party with your friends
Inviting your friends over will bring a lot of fun and cheer, and will give you a great opportunity to say your farewells before relocating. There is indeed nothing exciting about saying goodbye, especially knowing that you are probably not going to see each other for a long time. However, the simple fact of everyone meeting together and spending time will be a lot of fun. It will bring a lot of joy, cheer and laughs and it will give you the chance of looking back to all the great memories you’ve created and shared together. Make sure to have enough food and drinks, and of course, make sure to keep the good music flowing for a greater mood! Don’t forget to exchange any contact information, in order to stay in touch with your closest friends.

2. Re-visit your favorite places around
If you managed to plan everything properly and you do not have to move until the next couple of days – congratulations! You have managed to save some extra time for some more pleasant activities. Use this time for visiting once again all your favorite places. Whether it is a park, the beach, a mall, a museum or forest, you will get the chance to go and relive all the beautiful memories you have created there. You never know whether coming back there will be an option, especially if you move really far away. Of course you may also take someone with you, some of your close friends with whom you have created those memories. So you may take some time to reminisce old memories as you create new ones.

3. Take some memories with you
Relocating is a tough process from many aspects. One may feel like losing the place they used to feel safe. But even so, you do not have to feel upset about it, since everything happens with a reason, and changes in one’s life are always good. However, this does not mean that you have to leave everything behind, especially all the great memories connected to your old home. One simple way to keep the best memories is to gather as many pictures as possible, and make a photo album, or a scrap book. This way, no matter where you move, you will always have a small part of your old home with you.

4. Give yourself a reward
If everything goes well in terms of organizing and preparing for your move, you should consider rewarding yourself. Even if you are still in the process of organizing your relocation, take some time off and do some of your favorite activities. You may go out for a movie with your friends or go to an event you were eager to attend. Such activities will supply you with extra positive energy to finish the remaining move-related tasks. As a bonus, treating yourself will definitely take some anxiety from the relocation off your shoulders.

5. Plan a design for your new home
Some people believe that planning a design for your new home is a task to be done only after the relocation. However, this step starts once you start sorting our all your belongings by deciding what to take with you, what to donate and what to dispose of. A relocation is defined by a new chapter in your life, which you will start with by keeping only the items that still serve you a purpose. Therefore, you certainly do not need to wait to arrive to your new place to start planning on how will your new haven look like. Before the big day, you may start a plan on what item will go where and how will the rooms in your new home be decorated. Now only will it be fun to do so, but it will also save you some time after the relocation process. And we all know, when it comes to moving, time is a very precious thing. This way, the satisfaction will double, knowing that you also had a role in designing your home’s new look.