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It is well known that when a long distance move has to be performed, the most important traits would be experience and skills. Here’s when Miracle Movers is ready to commit by offering a flat rate for long distance moves, assuring a pleasant and a stress-free relocation. Our professional and diligent crew will ensure that all the items, even the most delicate ones, will be safely transported so that you will have nothing to worry on the moving day, but rest assured that your belongings are in good hands.


Long-distance moving fees are determined by two factors: the weight of your items and the distance between your pick-up and drop-off locations, with weight playing a greater role. Counterintuitive as it may seem, it is actually cheaper to move a sparsely furnished four-bedroom house from Toronto to Winnipeg than a heavily furnished 10-bedroom home from Toronto to Barrie. Your items’ weight is determined by weighing the loaded truck, then subtracting the weight of the empty truck from the weight of the loaded truck. You are welcome to accompany the driver during the truck’s weighing to ensure that our calculations are accurate, and will be given an “empty weight” receipt regardless.

Moving from one city to another can be hard enough without the added burden of adding a new country to the mix! Fortunately, Miracle Movers has a long track record of successfully transporting customers across international borders, with an experienced team more than capable of managing relocations from North America to other continents easily and efficiently. When hiring us for international assignments, Miracle Movers recommends that you take advantage of our team’s expert packing skills: With our equipment and experience handling everything from delicate antiques and priceless heirlooms to 10-person dining tables and grand pianos, we guarantee that your property will be stored and transported in the safest manner possible, arriving at your destination – whether in the U.S. or abroad – without a scratch. Our staff will also be more than happy to support you in preparing/submitting paperwork such as border crossing forms. Best of all, our long-distance moving pickup and delivery time frames are guaranteed!

Make sure you know the layout of your new neighborhood or apartment complex;
If moving to an apartment, make sure that you’ve researched any building restrictions in advance, have arranged for access to any needed walkways or elevators, and ensured that your destination can accommodate a large truck;
Please note that it is not our responsibility to research your destination and make appropriate arrangements.
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