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As business owners ourselves, we know that few projects are more stressful than moving your office. No matter how well-oiled your may be, few managers are prepared for the stress of a corporate move – which is why Miracle Movers is here to make it easy for you. Commercial Office Moves - References.


The key to any move, whether home- or business-related, is to plan. The better planned your company’s move, the more time- and cost-efficient it will be.

To increase efficiency you should:

  • • Know the layout of your new location, including dimensions and the number of rooms
  • • Create a floor plan that includes locations for your office’s furniture and equipment, along with where employees will be stationed
  • • Conduct an inventory check of all files, furniture, and other objects in storage, and decide which must be kept and which can be thrown out
  • • Before and after moving, place a copy of your map at the entrance to your office and, if applicable, on every floor, to help employees know how they can support your planning efforts beforehand and easily get back to work after


Make sure all parties involved – employees, landlords, and movers – know every detail of your company’s relocation plan, including who needs to pack what and when, in your employees’ case, your moving dates, in your landlords’ case, and exactly where furniture needs to be placed, in your movers’ case.

It might be a good idea to place color-coded labels on each item being moved. The labels should be placed prominently on the package, and can let movers know which room at your new location they should carry each object into.


The contents of desks, bookcases, and shelving units should be removed and packed separately by their respective employees. The contents of pull-drawer filing cabinets should generally not be emptied, but secured with either a lock or packing tape.


Items such as photocopiers should be emptied of all liquids and have any loose parts removed. Computer wires should be stored together for easy set-up. Certain devices might be more difficult to disassemble/reassemble than others, while many companies rely on third parties to manage their equipment. If you rent your equipment, be sure to notify your supplier. Should you have employees who manage your equipment, make sure you involve them in your moving plans and develop a timeline for taking them temporary offline that you can share with the rest of your office. Should you require technical services Miracle Movers will be happy to recommend some third-party providers.


To ease the process for all parties involved, encourage your employees to dispose of as much paper, electronic, and other business-related waste before the move as possible. If your company is large, consider contacting a local disposal service to install an industrial-sized waste container on-site.


Inspect your new space beforehand to ensure the elevators are fully functional, and that your movers will have access to every floor they need.


Miracle Movers’ experienced staff have serviced hundreds of office moves both large and small, from one-person home offices to manufacturing plants. If you have any questions, just send us an email or give us a call: One of our consultants will visit your office, help your management team develop a preliminary moving plan, and provide you with a guaranteed maximum price. Visit our contact page to learn more.

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