We are all aware that relocation can be quite the challenge, and things are made even more complicated if your items have to go to a storage unit first. This amounts the number of times you have to handle a relocation to two. Even though it is a challenge, it is not impossible. Lethbridge Moving Companies have some pointers that will help you handle this like a pro.

Only begin shifting the belongings once everything is organized

Most people opt to take their items to storage over a period of a couple of weeks as opposed to doing it in one or two days. Even though it may seem efficient, it is not. Taking your time when organizing items will leave you with a lot of unused space, which may require you to pay for more than you need. Consider having everything in shifting containers before you begin the trips to the storage unit. Once you have everything with you, it will make the task of planning where everything goes much easier.

Donate books you won’t read

Most of us are guilty of holding on to books that we procrastinate about reading but never get to do it. If this is the case with you, throw them in the donation pile. Only hold on to those that you are sure about reading. Anyway, you will be helping out someone who will enjoy the read truly.

Do the same to your garments

When it comes to clothes, some of us have items that have never even left our closets. When you are going through your closet, only organize garments that you wear on the regular to save on space. The rest can go into the donation pile.

Rid yourself of anything you don’t use

Just because an item is there does not necessarily mean you have to take it with you. Some goods will only eat up room that you could use for things you actually need. Purge every area of your house and trash anything that has not been put to use for more than six months or happens to be in pairs. This is especially for items that do not have sentimental value in your life.

Dismantle anything you can

Small knick-knacks such as tables and bookshelves that can be taken apart should be dismantled. This task is not challenging for such small items and can take at least five minutes to accomplish. Remember to keep small elements like screws and nuts in small bags labeled according to the item they were taken out of to avoid any mix-ups when reassembling them.

Leave the bulky lifting to experts

There are relocating agencies that come with packages that suit your specific relocation needs such as organizing and storage services. That way, you do not have to hassle about looking for different firms to handle the various tasks at hand. Once a relocating team is assigned to your home, let them handle all the heavy lifting to avoid putting your health and the wellbeing of your goods at risk.

Make use of the room underneath and within the furniture

Use the spaces or wardrobes to store small items to save on space. Even if it may not seem as much, it will go a long way in creating some extra room, which can make a huge difference. Remember it is not that easy to find a suitable storage unit, so make good use of it once you find one.

Make use of vacuum sealable bags

Instead of going ham with huge boxes just to store items such as blankets and sheets, consider vacuum sealable bags. This item can greatly reduce the space that is used up, and a good number of them retails for about twenty dollars, which is well worth the purchase.

Make same size containers your go-to option

Having containers of various sizes can cause some issues when it comes to stacking and utilizing space as well as possible. If getting one size will be impossible, consider only two sizes. When arranging them, let the heaviest ones lie at the bottom of the pile as you work your way up to the lightest to avoid them collapsing on each other and breaking your delicate possessions.