All moves, no matter the type, come with their own set of roadblocks. Organizing a relocation requires a lot of planning, time, energy, and also help from professionals such as Vaughan movers if there is a need for it. Since you are looking forward to moving your large family, each part of the process will require a lot more attention so that everything can flow without a hitch. For many people, this can be a headache to complete, but the good news is that there are ways to make it easier for you. Below are some great tips that will assist you to make sure that the haul goes on well.

Hire a babysitter

If there are kids in the home, you will undoubtedly be too busy to look after them properly, and so it is better to hire a babysitter to watch them as you go about the other activities. Since the family is large, there will be plenty to be packed and hauls, and the children might get in the way, making things go slower, or they might even get hurt. Look for a reliable sitter, or ask a friend to stay with them. They will also have more fun rather than get bored with the relocation.

Pack enough clothes for the first days

It will take some time to finish unpacking and getting things in order once you have arrived at the new abode. Thus, set aside boxes and duffle bags that will be used to store the essentials like clothes and toiletries. This will keep you from having to keep opening the suitcases to get things out, and will also allow you to unpack in an organized manner without being in the way of other things.

Make plenty of food

There will be plenty of activity, and probably no time to make meals. We suggest having a meal plan arranged ahead so that there is plenty to eat as people pack and carry boxes to the truck, and also as you travel. Get disposable cutlery so that you can box the dishware and supplies. If you can, cook enough food the week before so that there are sufficient leftovers to be eaten. This will also save on time as the fridge won’t have to wait for D-day to be cleaned out, and will help avoid buying too much fast-food and take-out.

See to it that all electronics are charged

Since there are many of you, you will need to have a way to communicate so that no one gets lost or is left behind. Check that everyone who has a phone has charged it the night before the D-day. This will let you talk and text, keep track of the weather, traffic, get directions, etc. It is also a perfect way to keep the little ones occupied as it is easy for them to get bored and restless through the long journey.