Moving always requires a lot of time and effort into the organization and preparation process – not to mention the move itself. It can be quite difficult to perform a relocation, and it usually takes months to make one – especially a larger move. Time is an essential asset for everyone, so knowing how to save time on your move is a great way to perform a quick relocation. Here are a few steps to get your started.

Organize with a Moving Company

A key way to make a move quicker is to organize it well. This means taking the time to plan the move with a moving company. You can do it on your own, as well – but it’s better to trust qualified Thornhill movers who have essential experience in relocating homes. This will ensure a more efficient and smoother move. If you are looking for an estimate, you may simply fill in a form here for free.

Find Helpers

If you don’t want to use the services of a full moving company storage, you’ll definitely need other people to help you out. Consider your neighbors, relatives, friends, and colleagues – then check if they’re available on a moving day. The sooner you ask for help – the more likely you’ll be able to find it. It’s also important to prioritize asking helpers for assistance, so they have time to clear their schedule for that day. Don’t wait until the last minute – ask in advance.

Write it Down

There are several free apps that can help you with your move – and even simple ones, like your calendar, that you already have. For instance, use reminders on your phone for appointments with people who’ll be helping you with the move or stopping for the DIY store. Write down what you want to move, deadlines for changing utilities, and things you need to cancel. A move will take much less time if you’re well organized.

Make a List

Make a list with tasks you’ll have to do for next week or the next few days. Prioritize every task – the more important things go first. Distribute the things you’ll do every week, then arrange your tasks for the different hours of the day. Just a simple 5 minutes in the morning will help you optimize your work for the day and the week as well.

Plan What to Move

Planning what to move will help you organize the packing materials you need to purchase. If your calculations are correct, you’ll have the right amount of moving supplies. Oftentimes, people have difficulties deciding what to buy and how much they’ll need – and they end up with a lot of packing supplies left untouched. You may always ask local moving companies to help you with those estimates.

Get the Packing Supplies

Don’t hesitate to buy packing supplies ahead of time – you shouldn’t leave it for the last minute. Plan what kind of and how much supplies you’ll need. Then, go and get them in a timely manner. If you make an accurate list and buy everything at once, it will save you time and money by not having to visit the store several times. Again, if you cannot make the calculations, the Thornhill movers could help you.

Pack Well and Pack Smart

Label the boxes with their content as well as the room they belong. This will help you stay organized and know what is where.

Gather Important Documentation

Gather all your important documents and papers in once file. Place the documents, from each category, separately for better organization.

Make a Floor Plan

When you or Thornhill movers unload the bags or boxes, you’ll save time if you place them directly in the room they belong to. Labeling the doors will also increase organizing and the right things will end up in the right place. So, when you start unpacking and you have a plan – it’ll take you less time to arrange each room.

By following these steps, you can be sure that your move will save you a lot of time and worries. Our advice is simple but efficient. Know more tips on saving time? Let us know and add a comment!