Relocating to a new place is a big leap in your life that marks the beginning of a new life with exciting as well as tough encounters along the way.

To properly handle this decision, good preparation is required for the success of your relocation – exceptional organizational expertise, enough money, professional moving services, comprehensive moving schedule, detailed organizing timeline, packing equipment and – last but not the least – some good footwear. Either way, you want to embark on this journey with a pair of comfy shoes.

In all daily circumstances, shoes are necessary. A sturdy pair of footwear is required prior to, during, and after the move. Therefore, all necessary procedures must be taken to keep them at their best during the relocation. Shoes need to be organized in the correct manner to keep any damage on your pieces at bay. Just hurling them in a carton won’t keep them safe.

Mississauga Moving has gathered a few conventional organizing tips to help you move your shoes.

Classify Your Footwear

Before anything, you’ll need to go through all your shoes and choose the ones you want to take with you (every family member should perform this task):

  • Shoes that show signs of wear and tear should be set aside and trashed before relocating;
  • Have a pile of shoes that are still in good shape but not in use – shoes outgrown by your children, that aren’t comfortable, those that you have no occasion for, those that are out of date, and those that won’t suit the environmental conditions of your new place. Getting rid of unsuitable footwear will save you effort and time since you’ll be packing fewer items, and some cash as the total shipment weight will be less. If you have any expensive pieces, you can sell them online or at a yard sale. Gift the prettiest pairs to close friends or family, and give away the rest to charitable organizations: most of them happily take shoes that are still usable;
  • Arrange the shoes in piles in accordance with their kind – flip flops, sneakers, boots, etc.

Shoes made of leather are ideally packed together.

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