Relocating is a challenging task. But, luckily, residential Toronto movers have some relocating tips that’ll make things simpler when packing. We have already looked at how to pack belongings for relocating, now let’s focus on solving a problem you will run into packing hangers for relocation.

Things to do prior to packing hangers

This task may seem quite simple to accomplish, but doing it inappropriately could lead to:

    • Broken pieces
    • Damaged clothes
    • Scratched areas
  • Incorrect use of space that could be costly

Such issues can be easily avoided. Here are some things to consider prior to proceeding to pack hangers.

The necessity. Before settling on the perfect way to organize hangers, question if it is worth doing. To state the obvious, these articles use up much room, which can hold more valuable belongings. Also, plain hangers are quite cheap, so unless they are of sentimental value, trashing them will save you the bother.

Sort them. It is understandable if you would like to keep your valuable pieces. However, you should consider throwing out those in poor conditions. Inspect all your hangers for any wear signs and trash any that appear faulty; you can buy new ones once you arrive at your new place.

Donate or Trash. Finding out the perfect way to organize your hangers lacks merit if the articles being packed are a waste of time. If you know someone who needs the pieces you do not need, go ahead and give them away. Some dry cleaning companies might also take wire hangers. If you have some that are too ruined to give away, trash them responsibly.

At this point, all that you should have are hangers that you’re keeping. Keep reading to find out the ideal packing strategy for them.

Wardrobe cartons

Leaving your clothes on the hangers and organizing them in wardrobe containers is the ideal way of packing hangers. These cartons are specially made to pack clothes, so do not worry about things taking a wrong turn. The metal bar that is found in each box makes it easier to just remove clothes from your closet and hang them in the boxes.

This method saves time and protects your clothes and hangers. However, these cartons are costly and use much storage room.

Pile and wrap them

This is also an effective method of packing your hangers. You can accomplish this by:

  • Sort out the pieces according to how big they are and what they’re made of. Those made out of wire should be packed individually from those of different materials such as plastic and wood.
  • Carefully heap them in piles of 10 to 12 hangers
  • Secure these bundles using long flexible loops or a few short ones tied together.
  • Use some more bands to secure them tightly in all areas to ensure that they stay put.

You can use stretch wraps as an alternative to bands if you don’t have any. It’s not advisable to use packing tape on your articles since the surfaces may end up damaged.

If both stretch wraps and rubber bands are out of reach, cable ties and tied-together wire twists can be used.

Lastly, once you have done all this, use an old bed sheet to wrap your hangers to protect them. You can also use a blanket, but the entire load might end up taking up more space than necessary.