Moving pets across the border or far away from home is not easy. This will have to be accompanied by plenty of research. You’ll want to know a few limits or concerns while moving domestic animals. For instance, not all means of transportations have the necessary methods for allowing pets to relocate with you. Ensure that you have everything you need, so you’re able to safely travel with your pals.


Whether you are going to drive yourself, fly, ride by train, or any other relocating option, making arrangements beforehand and knowing exactly how you’re going to travel will save you time and stress, and will definitely make it much easier. You want to get as far ahead as possible with the relocation process. In addition, if needed, even though most of the times moving companies to not relocate pets, you should hire people to ease the stress of your moving event, by relocating everything else for you. For instance, there are great Mississauga movers who can relocate you to Kingston, within Scarborough, GTA, Oshawa, Montreal, Ottawa, across the whole Canada and even beyond! A great example is Miracle Movers. They will take care of all your belongings to be transported safely and efficiently, while your only task will be to take care of your beloved pet, and enjoy the relocation as much as possible.

Make the Vet Appointment

Ensure your pet is taken for a vet check. You don’t want any issues to be present during the relocation process (or even after, while you’re adjusting). Keep your documents and records ready for the appointment. Try to find vets in your new location. You should attain health record copies from your present vet both a physical and electronic copy for assurance. However, either one is fine when relocating. If you are traveling by vehicle, make sure you have the necessary copies and records with you.

Check your Province

Every province is different. That being said, don’t expect the rules to be the same for transporting your pets. It’s important that you become familiar with any regulations or necessary procedures before you make the move. You can ask the transporters and they’ll most likely give you the information. But also check their site for any modifications to rules. You should also stay updated closer and closer to Moving Day.
It’s important to make sure all the necessary papers are with you in case you are checked. In case you are flying, some airlines require all pets to be checked before settling in. Make sure you research and find out that information before it’s too late!

Get Your Health Documents

In the previous paragraphs, we discussed getting a vet checkup as well as necessary documents. When you attend your appointment, make sure you get the health certificate. Some areas require this to keep all other pets (or humans) safe from illnesses and such. You should communicate with your vet about these necessary documents.

Rabies’ Tags

If your dog(s) have rabies, you must have a tag. In addition, it’s recommended that they get the shot every couple of years. Make sure you communicate with your vet! Ask his or her all these questions to ensure your pet is out of any risky areas.

Identification Tags

Not only will some means of transportation require rabies tags but also custom travel identification tags. This is mainly for dogs and cats, however. We also recommend you have a tag for your luggage. It should incorporate the name of your pet, your name, and location, as well as an emergency contact. Although this type of tag is mainly for dogs and cats, some birds (or even horses) wear leg bands or have other methods such as documents or tattooed marks. Ensure that you have all the important documents for identification as well.


After these tips, we can ensure you that your relocation with your pet(s) will go smooth. Remember, if you ever need help – hire the professionals! No one said pets were easy to transport. Miracle Movers is a professional moving service that serves you. Whether you need home movers for Toronto, moving in London, Ontario, or even Richmond moving trust us! We’ve got your back.