Green Move

When it comes to organizing a relocation, plenty needs to be taken care of including working with a moving company, purchasing packing supplies and arranging stuff in the house to be ready in time for the move. All of this requires a lot of time and energy, and for most people, thinking about the effect of the relocation on the environment is the last thing on their mind. Nonetheless, there are some simple steps that one can take to make the move simple and environmentally friendly. Follow these three steps suggested by Newmarket movers, and you will be able to make a difference.

Make use of what is already there

This is the first thing to do once you start the packing process. Look for any big plastic containers or strong cartons that are already in the abode, as you will already be carrying them with you any way they are the perfect supplies to store your possessions in. When it comes to electronics, try to carry them in their original boxes as they were built for that purpose. However, if you cannot find them, that is okay. Just make sure that they are kept in containers that are in good condition to keep them safe. Fill up all the empty spaces with additional padding such as blankets and pillows as this stops the objects from bumping into each other as well as fill up any spaces left and reduce the need for extra supplies.

Get reused packing supplies

If you have hired a moving crew to assist with the move, inquire from them if they give recycled boxes and other supplies to their clients. In case they do not, you could also get them online using Google to look for companies that sell them. One can also ask their family and friends who have recently completed a move or may have some boxes lying around and other materials if they can assist them with them.

Do away with clutter

Relocating is a good opportunity to throw away old and unnecessary things, and get new fixtures for the new abode. This may sound like an extra cost, but there are inexpensive ways of going about it. Among the objects you have, you could find some pieces that you can donate or sell which will get you some extra cash. Since you will have reduced the load that is being transported, the costs will go down, thus saving more money, and taking fewer hours to finish the move. If there are any antiques that you are considering selling, we advise having them appraised first so that you can know their exact value and get your money’s worth.

An eco-friendly move is not hard to pull off, and using these ideas will improve your experience, letting you enjoy the relocation.