The most livable cities in Canada for young professionals

the City of Toronto

Finding the most livable cities in Canada for young professionals isn’t a hard task, seeing how this country is filled with great prospects in this field. Canada’s strong economy has lots of job opportunities in different fields. Additionally, many Canadian cities are friendly to young workers. The best cities for young professionals offer good living costs, ample job opportunities, and a high quality of life. These cities have what young people need for a well-rounded life with equal opportunities for excitement and peace. Cities like Toronto and Vancouver are known for tech jobs, Calgary for the energy industry, and Montreal for arts and culture. They are perfect if you’re looking to relocate somewhere where you can find professional success. Of course, the reputable movers Toronto residents trust will help you if you potentially decide to move to one of these cities.

What are the most livable cities in Canada for young professionals other than Toronto?

You’ll run into some great standouts when looking for the best Canadian cities for young professionals. We’ve compiled a list of cities offering amazing advantages for growth, success, and fun. If any of them catch your eye, don’t hesitate to reach out to Toronto long distance movers who can help you move there and start your new life on the right foot.

  • Edmonton
  • Montreal
  • Calgary
  • Vancouver
  • Halifax
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The most livable cities in Canada for young professionals promise career advancement and also a lifestyle that balances work with leisure.


Edmonton is among Canada’s most livable cities for young professionals, and for a very good reason. Moving from Toronto to Edmonton will allow you to immerse yourself in a community famous for innovation and a growing tech industry, an especially sought-after field nowadays. Here are key highlights:

  • Innovative economy: Edmonton’s technology sector has amazing choices for IT professionals, engineers, and entrepreneurs.
  • Community and culture: This city has a rich cultural scene that is perfect for art and fun lovers. With many festivals, art galleries, and theaters that encourage a strong sense of community, you’ll have no trouble finding something for your taste and preferences.
  • Affordable living: Edmonton has a cost-effective living standard and housing options that are more affordable than in many other Canadian cities.

Thriving job market

Edmonton’s economy is powered by sectors like technology, healthcare, and renewable energy. Because of the ever-growing tech sector, start-ups and innovation hubs are popping up all over. If you’re working in healthcare, you’ll be happy to learn that Edmonton has world-class research facilities and hospitals. Also, residents here are hugely focused on sustainability, which has encouraged job growth in green energy and environmental services.

Affordable living and outdoor adventures

One of Edmonton’s biggest draws is its affordability. Compared to other major Canadian cities, Edmonton offers a lower cost of living, especially when it comes to housing. In February 2024, the average cost of a home in the Edmonton region was $407,458, while the average Canadian home price was $659,395.This financial accessibility allows young professionals to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle while saving for the future. Regardless of if you’re looking to rent a downtown apartment or buy your first home, Edmonton’s market is worth looking into.

the City of Edmonton
Edmonton is a great place for creative and innovative professionals to work because of its thriving arts scene and community-focused projects.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, Edmonton is a dream come true. The North Saskatchewan River runs through the city and is a natural playground for kayaking, canoeing, and riverside cycling. There’s also an extensive park system, made all the nicer by the sprawling North Saskatchewan River Valley. Here, you’ll have ample space for hiking, biking, and winter sports so that you can stay active and connected to nature all year round.


Montreal is famous for its cultural and language diversity, which is why young professionals find it charming. Moving from Toronto to Montreal gives young professionals access to an energetic cultural scene and a bilingual job market that can expand their career options greatly. Some of the key aspects are:

  • Bilingual advantage: Knowing English and French can really help you find more jobs in different fields.
  • Cultural hub: Montreal is famous for its art, festivals, and great food. It’s an exciting place to live and work right now.
  • Tech growth: This city is becoming a hotspot for technology, with lots of support for new companies and fresh ideas.

Economic opportunities and the cost of living

Montreal has made great strides in certain industries, including aerospace, technology, video game development, and film and TV production. It’s also known for a fast-growing artificial intelligence sector, which is drawing in big tech companies and startups. For young professionals in these fields, Montreal provides many chances to work on advanced projects and new technologies.

the City of Montreal
The distinctive fusion of linguistics and culture in Montreal provides an unmatched setting for both professional and personal development.

Living in Montreal isn’t too costly, which is good news for young professionals who want to make the most of their money and maybe even save up a bit. This means you can afford a place to live, get around the city, and have fun without spending too much, helping you live well for less. For example, the average home sold price in Montreal is $579,721, while the country’s average is $720,500.

Outdoor adventures

If you love the outdoors, Montreal is full of parks and green areas, with the famous Mount Royal as the top choice. If you’re looking for a peaceful getaway from the urban environment, you can do no. This part of the country is also perfect for cyclists, with exciting bike paths perfect for daily trips and sightseeing.


Simply put, Calgary is a hub for the energy sector and entrepreneurship. Moving from Toronto to Calgary will offer you both professional opportunities and community support. It’s ideal if you’re a young professional seeking a balanced career and lifestyle. Key highlights are:

  • Energy and innovation: While traditionally known for oil and gas, Calgary is gaining traction in renewable energy and clean technology. They have a true commitment to sustainable development.
  • Entrepreneurial ecosystem: It is a supportive environment for startups, with numerous incubators and accelerators that nurture new business ventures.
  • Outdoor lifestyle: The proximity to the Rocky Mountains and various parks is great if you like urban living and outdoor adventure.

Economic opportunities and lifestyle

Calgary’s economy is diverse and rich, with a strong foundation in the energy sector. However, it’s not just about oil and gas; Calgary is also making significant strides in technology, finance, and creative industries. This economic variety can offer you numerous pathways for career development and innovation. Young professionals are especially keen on this city because it can give them a fruitful platform to excel and make meaningful contributions.

Calgary as one of the most livable cities in Canada for young professionals
For ambitious people looking to develop in their careers, Calgary’s thriving oil sector and entrepreneurial prospects provide the ideal environment.

Residents here have easy access to outdoor activities ranging from skiing to hiking, which is perfect for those who value an active lifestyle with adventure and excitement. It has a great arts scene, and numerous festivals. If you’re here over the summer, you can visit:

  • Calgary Folk Music Festival
  • JazzYYC
  • Sled Island Music & Arts Festival
  • Cowboys Music Festival
  • Calgary International Blues Festival
  • Country Thunder

Aside from these picks, there are many other events you’d love in Calgary if you’re into good music and a playful social scene.

Living costs and future prospects

Compared to other major Canadian cities, Calgary offers a more affordable cost of living, especially when it comes to housing. This affordability means young professionals can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle while pursuing their career goals without the financial pressures found in more expensive urban centers. While the average housing costs have surged 15% since last year, they are still better than in many other Canadian cities ($583,160).

The ongoing development and investment in technology and innovation shows there’s great room for hope for young professionals here. Calgary is becoming a great place for startups and tech companies. It’s driven by supportive policies and an entrepreneurial culture that encourages risk-taking and innovation.


Vancouver is famously a magnet for young professionals, especially in the tech industry. Moving from Toronto to Vancouver attracts younger people for the access to stunning nature and a thriving tech scene, but they stay for so much more. This city also blends city life with outdoor beauty very well. Noteworthy points are:

  • Tech and film industries: Vancouver is a leading city for technology and digital media
  • Quality of life: It’s highly rated for its quality of life, and it offers access to the ocean, mountains, and vibrant urban parks.
  • Sustainable living: Vancouver has many green initiatives and is ideal for those who value sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Quality of life and educational opportunities

The city of Vancouveris known for its great quality of life, with beautiful nature all around. People living there can easily visit beaches, mountains, and parks, which is great if you enjoy the outdoors and like skiing, hiking, or just watching sunsets at the beach. This balance is perfect for young professionals looking for an active lifestyle.

Vancouver as one of the most livable cities in Canada for young professionals
Vancouver offers the perfect setting for work-life balance with its vibrant tech sector and breathtaking natural scenery.

If you want to further your education, Vancouver has top-tier institutions like the University of British Columbia (UBC) and Simon Fraser University (SFU). There’s a wide range of programs that cater to continuing professional development you’ll likely find fascinating. These institutions provide academic excellence and are great for networking and innovation.

Cost of living and housing

One point to consider is Vancouver’s cost of living, which is higher than in many other Canadian cities. Housing prices can be steep, though. However, the robust job market and competitive salaries in key industries like tech can help mitigate these costs. More than 1,100 high-tech companies are based in Vancouver, accounting for 40% of the region’s total high-tech companies. High-tech companies make up 22% of the city’s existing inventory and 39% of the total demand for office space, which is substantial.

If you’re committed to making the most of Vancouver without breaking the bank, consider finding affordable living options through shared accommodations or exploring neighborhoods just outside the city center. Locations for a more affordable living include:

  • New Westminster
  • Brighouse/City Centre, Richmond
  • South Vancouver
  • Burquitlam, Coquitlam


Halifax is quickly becoming one of the most livable cities in Canada for young professionals. Because of the mesmerizing coastal beauty and opportunities in the digital sector. Moving from Toronto to Halifax will provide you with a smaller city’s charm with a strong sense of community, significantly lower housing costs than some parts of Canada, and access to the Atlantic Ocean’s beauty. You’ll love the:

  • Digital industry opportunities: With a supportive ecosystem for startups, Halifax is attracting digital companies and talent.
  • Affordable and quality living: You’ll love the cost-effective lifestyle without compromising on quality, from housing to entertainment.
  • Community feel: Halifax’s small-town vibe in a city setting promotes a close-knit community. You’ll find it easy to network and make friends.

Digital industry opportunities

In recent years, Halifax has seen significant growth in its job market, especially in the digital sector and startups. It is a major hub for information and communication technology, with several of the top ICT businesses in the world having facilities here. HB Studios, Cisco, and Lockheed Martin are a few of the major corporations. Moreover, Halifax’s strategic location and time zone are advantageous for businesses operating in both North American and European markets, attracting international companies and expanding job opportunities.

Affordable living and educational opportunities

One of the most compelling reasons young professionals are drawn to Halifax is its affordability. Compared to some other Canadian cities, Halifax offers a more accessible real estate market, allowing young workers to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without the heavy financial burden. While it’s more expensive than Montreal, per se, Halifax still offers competitive prices while providing great opportunities for youth.

Halifax as one of the most livable cities in Canada for young professionals
Young professionals are drawn to Halifax by its affordable housing, charming seaside environment, and burgeoning tech culture.

With several universities and colleges, including the prestigious Dalhousie University, Halifax is great for education and research in Atlantic Canada. This concentration of academic institutions fuels the local job market with fresh talent and fosters a lively and youthful atmosphere throughout the city.

The overall quality of life

Halifax has a high quality of life, with a perfect mix of urban and natural attractions. It is renowned for its friendly residents, rich arts scene, and diverse cuisine. Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the easy access to beaches, parks, and trails, with opportunities for adventure and relaxation. Halifax’s compact size also means that most amenities and workplaces are just a short commute away, contributing to a balanced and less stressful daily life.

The most livable cities in Canada for young professionals in a nutshell

Canada has numerous advantages and opportunities for young professionals, with cities like Edmonton, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, and Halifax leading the way. The most livable cities in Canada for young professionals support career growth and also offer a lifestyle that balances professional ambitions with personal fulfillment. Thus, they make for ideal moving destinations for those looking to book a move with the cross province movers and make a mark in their early careers.