The best places to live for empty nesters

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Finding the perfect place to live as an empty nester can be an exciting chapter in life. For those whose children have flown the nest, it’s a chance to rediscover personal interests and embrace a new lifestyle. This article explores the best places to live for empty nesters, focusing on communities that offer a balance of relaxation, activities, and accessible amenities. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful suburb, a lively city with cultural attractions, or a scenic spot close to nature, we at Miracle Movers have got you covered. Our guide will help you find locations across Canada where you can enjoy your newfound freedom and make the most of this rewarding phase of life.


Are you an empty nester considering a move to Scarborough? With Scarborough movers, your transition to this scenic area can be hassle-free. Picture yourself at Bluffer’s Park and Beach, where you can spend relaxing days by the clear water, surrounded by impressive cliffs, or enjoy a quiet picnic. This spot is ideal for anyone who loves to appreciate the calm and beauty of nature.

Once you’re settled, explore Rouge National Urban Park through its guided walks. These tours are both informative and a great way to get to know your new community’s natural environment. It’s a wonderful way to learn and meet others who share your interest in nature.

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Scarborough is ideal for outdoor fun, with lovely beaches and exciting activities like kayaking.

For a bit of adventure, head to the Scarborough Bluffs. Kayaking or paddle-boarding along the coast offers a thrilling experience and a unique perspective of the striking cliffs.

Thomson Memorial Park is another fantastic spot, boasting open spaces and amenities for various activities. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful walk, a family outing, or a casual game, this park has something for everyone.

Choosing Scarborough means embracing a community that’s rich in natural beauty and outdoor activities, perfectly matching the lifestyle of an empty nester. Welcome to a place where every day brings a new opportunity to explore and enjoy.


Woodbridge is a fantastic choice for empty nesters who appreciate the cultural richness and lively arts scene. As you consider your move with Woodbridge movers, prepare to be delighted by the array of cultural offerings in this community. Located within the City of Vaughan, Woodbridge provides a unique mix of historical and contemporary cultural experiences, perfect for those who have an affinity for museums, art, and festivals.

Dive into the past at the Kortright Centre for Conservation and the Vaughan Civic Centre Resource Library. These institutions offer insights into everything from the area’s history to environmental preservation, catering to a wide range of interests and making them ideal for visitors of all backgrounds.

For art enthusiasts, Woodbridge’s art scene is consistently engaging. Galleries like the McMichael Canadian Art Collection and Artology Gallery present a range of art exhibitions, from traditional pieces to modern works. These galleries provide a stimulating environment that’s always refreshing and thought-provoking, ideal for those who enjoy exploring different artistic expressions.

Moving to Woodbridge is about joining a community that really cares about its culture. For empty nesters, it’s a great place to enjoy cultural activities and get involved with local events. In Woodbridge, you’re not just finding a new home; you’re becoming part of a lively and socially active community.


If you’re a foodie thinking about moving from Toronto to London Ontario, you’re in for a treat! This city’s dining scene is a delicious mix of local and global flavors. Places like The Root Cellar and Wolfe of Wortley are gems for those who love fresh, organic food. They source their ingredients locally, supporting area farmers and bringing you seasonal dishes that taste amazing and are good for the planet.

And if you’re into exploring world cuisines, London’s got you covered. You can savor authentic Italian dishes at Fellini Koolini’s or try the rich flavors of Indian cuisine at Massey’s Fine Indian Cuisine. The city’s diverse dining options mirror its multicultural community, letting you taste foods from all over the world – think spicy Asian curries or traditional Middle Eastern dishes.

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London, Ontario, is a food lover’s dream, with a variety of tasty local and international dishes to try.

London is well-known for its local treats. Be sure to try the poutine and craft beer in the lively Richmond Row area. Or, if you’re into fresh, healthy options, the Covent Garden Market is your go-to for fresh produce and unique artisanal foods. These spots are perfect for getting a real taste of what London’s all about. And for those who love good coffee and sweet treats, places like Black Walnut Bakery Café and Fire Roasted Coffee Co. are perfect. They offer a cozy spot to relax, along with an array of freshly baked goodies and specialty coffee blends. Ideal for a morning pick-me-up or a chill afternoon break.


Considering a move from Toronto to Windsor? This change can be refreshing and rewarding. Windsor has a lot to offer, making your transition both exciting and enriching. A standout attraction in Windsor is Willistead Manor, a magnificent old mansion from the early 20th century. If you’re fond of elegant buildings and beautiful gardens, this place will captivate you. Visiting Willistead Manor is an excellent way to experience a piece of Windsor’s rich history.

The Detroit Riverfront is another spot you’ll love in Windsor. It’s not just a pretty place to walk and relax. It offers a fantastic view of the Detroit skyline. It’s also a reminder of how close Canada and the United States are, both in distance and in history. The riverfront’s trails and parks are perfect for peaceful walks where you can learn about the area’s history.

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Windsor invites you to explore its historical places like Willistead Manor, which are rich in stories and charm.

For car lovers, the Canadian Automotive Museum in Windsor is a must-visit. It’s all about the history of cars in Canada, with lots of old vehicles and fun exhibits. It’s a great place to understand how important Windsor is in the car industry. And if you’re interested in old churches, Windsor has some beautiful ones. The Our Lady of Assumption Church and St. Mary’s Anglican Church are not just places for worship. They’re also part of Windsor’s history and culture, with their unique designs and significance.


Moving to a big city like Toronto might seem overwhelming at first, but you’ll be surprised by the peaceful green spaces it offers. Even in the midst of its hustle and bustle, local movers in Toronto never fail to ease the process of moving homes to this big city.

  • The Allan Gardens Conservatory, a botanical haven in the city’s heart, is home to exotic plants and seasonal flower shows, offering a serene retreat for nature lovers.
  • Allan Gardens Conservatory is a beautiful spot right in the heart of the city, filled with exotic plants and lovely flower shows. It’s perfect for when you want to take a break from city life and enjoy some quiet time surrounded by nature. If you’re someone who loves discovering hidden gems, Toronto’s got plenty.
  • Don Valley Brick Works Park is a great place for hiking and bird watching, thanks to its lush greenery and wetlands. For a more relaxed day, you might enjoy the Beltline Trail. It’s a scenic route through some of Toronto’s quieter neighborhoods, ideal for walking or biking.

The city’s waterfront parks, like Harbourfront Centre and Trillium Park, are also fantastic. They offer beautiful views of Lake Ontario and are great for jogging, picnicking, or even kayaking. These spots are especially loved by locals and visitors alike for their ability to combine urban life with the beauty of nature. And don’t forget about the unique rooftop gardens and green spaces in Toronto! Places like the 401 Richmond building and the Green Roof at City Hall provide a special way to experience nature right in the city. These spots are not just pretty; they also show how the city cares about sustainability and offer a different view of Toronto’s skyline.

view of toronto
Toronto is one of the best places to live for empty nesters.

King City

King City, York Region, every day feels like an adventure waiting to happen. This makes it one of the best places to live for empty nesters. This charming town is a favorite among those who have already made the move, and it’s easy to see why. Nature enthusiasts will find themselves right at home with spots like the Oak Ridges Moraine and the King City Trail System offering endless outdoor activities. Whether your passion is exploring dense forests or finding peace in wetland scenery, King City has it all.

The culinary experience in King City is something to talk about, too. Restaurants like Locale King City and Hogan’s Inn are not just places to eat; they’re culinary adventures offering farm-to-table dining. Here, you get to savor dishes made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, showcasing the region’s rich agricultural offerings. It’s a delicious way to support local farmers.

If you’re interested in history, King City has plenty to offer. The King Township Museum and the Eversley Church are great examples of the town’s historical background, each with its own distinct architecture and interesting story.

Don’t miss King City’s exciting community events and festivals. Here’s what’s happening:

  • King City Craft Beer and Food Truck Festival
  • Schomberg Agricultural Fair

These festivals are not just enjoyable but also a way to experience King City’s strong community spirit and diverse culture. For anyone moving to one of the best places to live for empty nesters, be it with King City movers or on your own, it’s clear that this town offers a rich and engaging lifestyle, combining nature, food, history, and community in a way that’s uniquely its own.


Considering a move to Whitby? It’s a decision many have made happily, especially for those seeking a lifestyle rich in nature, art, and dining. Outdoor lovers will adore Whitby for its natural spaces, such as the Lynde Shores Conservation Area and the scenic waterfront trail. These spots are ideal for hiking, bird watching, or simply enjoying the tranquil views of the lake.

For art enthusiasts, Whitby is a haven. The Station Gallery and Whitby Courthouse Theatre stand as central pillars of the town’s art scene, hosting a diverse range of art shows, workshops, and performances that mirror the community’s creative flair.

When it comes to dining, Whitby doesn’t disappoint. With restaurants like the Brock House and KB Food, you’ll find the perfect spot for any occasion, from casual dining to romantic evenings. And for those who like to stay active, the Iroquois Park Sports Centre, one of the largest municipal recreational facilities in Canada, offers a range of activities from swimming to skating.

You’ll discover a lively and welcoming community, perfect for empty nesters who want to enjoy exploring, dining, creating, and thriving. The convenience of moving here, with the help of dependable Whitby movers, makes Whitby a great choice for your next home.

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In Whitby, enjoy great food and beautiful outdoor spots, perfect for those looking for a relaxed lifestyle.


Pickering has an array of attractions and activities. The city’s green spaces, such as the Petticoat Creek Conservation Area and the Altona Forest, offer serene environments for nature lovers. These parks and reserves are ideal for

  • Hiking
  • Bird watching
  • Enjoying the tranquility of nature

In Pickering, shopping is fun and varied.

  • You’ve got the Pickering Town Centre, which is a one-stop shop for everything you might need or want. It’s packed with all kinds of stores and places to eat.
  • For a more local feel, the seasonal Farmers’ Market is fantastic. It’s where you can find fresh, locally-grown produce and unique handmade goods.

Pickering is a place that really celebrates its cultural diversity. You’ll see this in the exciting events that happen throughout the year. The Pickering Caribbean Carnival and the Food Truck Festival are perfect examples. These festivals bring the community together with amazing food, music, and dancing from different cultures.

If you like history, you’ll enjoy Pickering. The Pickering Museum Village and the Herongate Barn Theatre are great places to learn about the city’s history in a fun way, suitable for all ages. For empty nesters moving here, Pickering movers can help make your move easier and get you settled into this historic and interesting community.

Move to one of the best places to live for empty nesters and start a new adventure

Start your next adventure in one of the best places to live for empty nesters. These communities offer a great mix of nature, culture, and easy living. Each place has its own special charm. Find the one that matches your style and life goals. Get ready to embrace this exciting time and discover your perfect new home.