In the list of the most strenuous events in most people’s lives, relocations rank high. The series of tasks that come with seeing the process to completion may seem like a never-ending rollercoaster of events. You will need to put away all your possessions in cartons, transport them to your new home, and then arrange the place. Numerous other things have to be thought out in the process, especially if you have pets. Like with humans, changing homes can cause anxiety in fur babies. Therefore, several things have to be considered to get them through the Ottawa move, maintain their usual routine, and get them assimilated to the new place.

Prior to the Relocation

Preparing for relocation with a pet begins long before the big day rolls by. Some things that need to be done before then include;

  • Choose an ideal home

Among the leading reasons why pets are abandoned by their owners is due to relocations. Some apartments bar their tenants from having animals while, in some cases, the area is not suitable for a fur baby. When hunting for a home, set some specifics that meet your pet’s demands, such as a yard and nearby proximity to parks and restaurants. Minimal stairs can also be included depending on the kind of pet you have or if they have special needs. If a home is already picked out, visit it and see what improvements can be made to make your pet’s life easier.

  • Have proper documentation

Relocations often mean changing the vet that cares for your dog or any other furry friend. Therefore, make sure that you carry all their medical records with you, including those indicating they have been vaccinated, all of which you can get from your vet. Additionally, you will have to change the information on their tag along with their chips so that they can state the new address and other necessary details.

  • Handle Any Pests

Different provinces have varying concerns on pests that affect pets. Also, the weather conditions in the new area may make them a more significant threat, especially in the case of fleas and ticks. Therefore, before you leave your previous home, ensure your fur baby is free of these pesky animals.

On Relocation Day

Have your fur babies out of the way on the big day to avoid any mishaps during the loading process and reduce their stress, which can cause them to dash out as traffic moves into the home.

If you plan on driving to the new destination, ensure that you make several potty and water breaks for you and your dog or cat. Have a leash on them if they are going to get out of the car and have them in a carrier while inside. Also, locate hotels that will be friendly for you to stay before you start the trip if your trip is a long way from your current location. Keep in mind that most professional Ottawa moving services do not handle pets, so you may have to make special arrangements if you plan on flying.

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