Survival guide to moving during the holiday season

a family in their new home decorating a Christmas tree

Moving during the holiday season might sound challenging, but it doesn’t have to be! We are here to guide you step by step and help you manage this move without any hiccups. From clever packing tricks to timing your move just right, we’ve got it all. And if you’re looking for reliable help, you can rely on our top movers in Toronto for their exceptional service. Get ready to deck the halls in your new space with our help every step of the way.

How to properly plan your move

If moving during the holiday season is your plan, picking the date is your first step. It’s all about finding that sweet spot between your holiday plans and the big move. Think about days that are less hectic. Skipping the major holidays can make the whole process effortless.

Now, about getting the right movers – it’s like choosing a trusted friend to help you out. Begin your search early, as moving companies get busy this time of year. Look for ones with great reviews and ask about their holiday availability. For example, if you are thinking about moving to Alberta from Ontario, searching for the right relocating team is something you have to do. Booking early means one less worry for you.

Budgeting is also important, especially with holiday spending around the corner. Set up a budget for your move. This way, you know what you’re spending on movers, packing stuff, and any trips you need to make.

a planning calendar for moving during the holiday season
Take your time to organize your relocation.

How to pack

Here’s how to pack smart and keep everything organized:

  •  Sort out what to pack – begin with things you don’t need daily. Have winter coats or beach gear out of season? Pack those first. This way, your daily essentials are still on hand.
  •  Packing – don’t forget those special holiday decorations and delicate items. The trick here is to cushion everything well. Wrap your ornaments and fragile items in bubble wrap or packing paper. And for an extra layer of safety, snug them in boxes with soft items like towels. This keeps your cherished holiday decorations safe from bumps and shakes.
  • Labeling – Mark each box with the room it’s going to and a quick list of what’s inside. Pro tip: Use colored markers or stickers for each room. This color-coding trick will make unpacking at your new place way easier.
a girl and a boy packing
Make sure you have everything packed in advance when moving during the holidays.

How to deal with weather challenges

Preparing for the winter conditions is important, so tackle those icy walkways and driveways. Clearing them of snow and ice is a must for safe moving. Plus, it makes everything go more untroubled. Dressing in layers is your best bet, too. It keeps you cozy and lets you move around easily. Don’t forget to have some hot coffee or cocoa on hand – perfect for those chilly moments!

When you’re moving from Ontario to Quebec, guarding your stuff against unpredictable weather is vital. Wrap your furniture and electronics in waterproof covers to fend off rain or snow. And always, always have a plan B. Keep an eye on the weather forecast as moving day approaches. If there’s a big storm brewing, it might be wise to reschedule. Luckily, most moving companies get it and are pretty flexible with weather hiccups. Stay safe, stay warm, and stay prepared!

How to maintain the holiday spirit

Who says you can’t enjoy the holiday while moving? Make sure you keep that festive glow, even with boxes around! Holding onto traditions is the secret sauce. If you love decking out a tree or lighting up candles, don’t skip it this year. A mini tree or some festive trinkets can really boost your mood. They bring a bit of holiday cheer, even in a place filled with moving supplies. Be imaginative, maybe a few ornaments or lights can keep that holiday vibe going strong.

Stress can bring down your mood. Sure, moving is a busy time, but your holiday spirit needs some love, too. Why not pause for a cookie or some holiday tunes? These little breaks are golden. They keep you relaxed and help you enjoy the season’s magic. And remember, it’s okay to lean on others. Your friends and family are there to lend a hand and keep the festive fun alive. The holiday season is all about warmth, love, and joy. Focus on that. Share laughs, sip some hot chocolate, and soak in the holiday feels.

a Christmas tree
Moving during the holiday season can be fun.

Settling into your new home

Moving into a new home around the holidays can be a fun and festive time. It’s a great time to make your new place feel like home for the holidays! First things first, unpacking. Start with the boxes you need most. Get your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom set up. This way, your new place is liveable right away, making everything else easier.

Now, it’s time to bring your holiday spirit! Your holiday decorations might be packed away, but they’re key to making your new place feel festive. Unwrapping and setting up a few holiday items can really brighten the space. String up some lights or hang a wreath. These simple touches bring warmth and holiday cheer to your new home. So, even though moving from Toronto to London Ontario during the holidays might seem like a challenge, it’s really an opportunity to start fresh and merry.

Is moving during the holiday season survivable

The answer is absolutely yes. It’s more than just manageable – it’s an exciting journey! Moving during the holiday season is a unique chance to mix the thrill of a new home with the magic of the holidays. A little organization and keeping the holiday cheer in your heart can turn your move into a real celebration. Think of it as opening the biggest gift of all – your new home. Each box you unpack is a step towards making new, happy memories in your own space.