Dependable Long Distance Movers in Toronto

Miracle Movers, one of the leading long distance moving companies in Toronto, is ready to step in and commit by offering the best rate for cross-province and cross-border long distance moves from and to Toronto, assuring a pleasant and a stress-free relocation.

Our professional and diligent crew, experienced in both long distance and reliable local moving services, will ensure that all the items, even the most delicate ones, will be safely transported so that you will have nothing to worry about on the moving day but rest assured that your belongings are in the good hands of our experienced long-distance movers.

Cross Province Moving Fees Are Determined By:

Long Distance Moving Service in Toronto Loading Heavy Items

The weight of your items (weight playing a greater role)

The exact distance between your pick-up and drop-off locations

Packing Service in Toronto when moving

Additional packing or unpacking service and packing materials

Making a Transition to a New Province? We Can Help

Moving from one city to another can be hard enough without the added burden of moving to a new province to the mix!

Fortunately, Miracle Movers is a long-distance moving company with a long track record of successfully helping clients across relocate to other provinces, with an experienced team more than capable of managing relocations not only in the Greater Toronto Area and within Canada, but also from North America to other continents easily and efficiently. When hiring us for these ambitious and demanding assignments, we do our best to rise to the challenge.

Why Choose Us as Your Long Distance Moving Company

At Miracle Movers, we recommend that you take advantage of our team’s expert packing skills:

With our quality long-distance moving equipment and experience handling everything from delicate antiques and priceless heirlooms to 10-person dining tables and grand pianos, we guarantee that your property will be stored and transported in the safest manner possible, arriving at your destination – whether in the U.S. or abroad – without a scratch. Our residential storage services in Toronto are designed to remove all the hassle from your relocation.

Our staff will also be more than happy to support you in preparing/submitting paperwork such as border-crossing forms.

Best of all, our long-distance moving pickup and delivery time frames are guaranteed! Not only that but we also offer the best quality office moving services as well as the finest car shipping in Toronto. Call us today.

Tips For Avoiding Additional Long Distance Moving Charges

Moving Service Toronto

Make visits to the new home before the final move.

Know the best route, house restrictions in the area, and any information about the location. This knowledge will determine whether there is a need for more shuttle service for narrow driveways. Besides, early visit cuts possible conflicts with the new area administration.

Moving Service heavy items loading

Consider advance arrangements:

We understand the situation may be hectic right now, but if possible, start making plans ahead of time by getting started on the packing and consulting us on your upcoming cross-province move to avoid last-minute costs and stress associated with searching for a professional long-distance moving service frantically.

Professional Long Distance Moving Company in Toronto

Everyone has unique preferences whether it’s local or long-distance moving service.

We Have Locations Across Canada

  • With our experienced long-distance movers, the same professional move team that moves your belongings out of your home will drive those items to your new location and unload them.
  • All of this creates a smooth path for a quick and efficient delivery to your new home. Unlike other long-distance carriers who cannot guarantee arrival time, we provide you with a date frame for arrival at your new location.
  • As a result, you get the freedom to plan your travel accordingly. We will make sure that your belongings arrive at your new destination safely and be there right on time and just when you expect and need them.

A Long-Distance Moving Service With a Professional Approach

  • Our consultant will explain each step of the moving process, including protection plan options for your possessions while in transit or in storage. Service options and a schedule for packing, loading & delivery will be established.
  • Each piece of furniture will be wrapped in clean quilted moving blankets and your home will be protected with floor runners and padding on banisters and railings. This helps safeguard you against property damage.
  • The actual moving charges for your long-distance or cross-province move to or from Toronto will be calculated once the truck is weighed after your shipment is loaded. Only then can we give you the final quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to move across Canada?

The cost of your cross-province move depends on:

  • Truck capacity the company will need to employ to move your items
  • Distance between pick-up and delivery locations
  • Amount of labor that will be required for your move
  • Whether you have special requests and requirements

Additional services and fees may apply. These are usually associated with the technicalities of planning, organizing and coordinating a long-distance moving, packing service, storage, and moving heavy, oversized and fragile items.

However, if you are busy and strapped for time, hiring an efficient full-service long-distance and cross-province moving company which will handle everything from packing and loading in one province to transportation, unloading and unpacking in another is by far your safest bet.

At Miracle Movers, trusted long distance movers in Toronto and the area,  we will give you a cost estimate based on your input, so give us a call!

How do you move between provinces?

To make moving to a new province easier, think and plan in advance. Preferably, you should start planning months ahead of time. Here’s what the process should look like:

  • Make a clear inventory: sort out your belongings and decide which of them you’re going to take with you.
  • Schedule your move as early as possible: reputable cross-province movers in Toronto tend to be busy and fully booked during most of the year.
  • Gather the necessary paperwork and organize it to make it easier to navigate.
  • Stock up on appropriate packing materials and start packing or hire professional packers to do it for you.
  • Pack an essentials box to take with you, with special focus on important documents and valuables.

To further facilitate the moving process and take the stress and hassle out of your moving day, do the preparations diligently to prevent property damage and possible accidents or injuries. If possible, reserve or designate a parking space for the moving park as close as possible to your  pick-up/drop-off location.

How do I move my furniture from one province to another?

Our team of expert long-distance movers will ensure your precious belongings, furniture included, travel and arrive safely at your desired destination. Bear in mind that moving extra large furniture is more expensive because of the additional labor and equipment involved, especially if you also require disassembly, as well as the fact that these heavy and bulky items take up more space in the truck.

How do I prepare to move to another province?

A long-distance or interprovincial move requires you to put time and effort into planning. For starters, make a detailed checklist. Aside from organizing a team of experienced professional movers ahead of time, try to complete any errands and arrangements to spare yourself last-minute stress and commotion down the line. This will help make your cross-province moving process much safer and more efficient.

How do I declutter before long-distance moving?

Moving house is stressful, so anything that can make this process a little easier to cope with is a good idea. What you can do to simplify your relocation and save money by not having so much stuff for your long-distance movers in Toronto to take care of is to declutter. Pull a Marie Condo and get rid of unnecessary items. You can:

  • Organize a garage sale or sell your items online
  • Donate your belongings to a local charity
  • Gift your things to your friends and family members
  • Deal with one room at a time so that you don’t get overwhelmed
  • Check any furniture and appliances that don’t work properly and decide whether to fix them or buy new ones after your move
Do long-distance moving companies offer insurance?

Checking if a long-distance moving company has insurance is of utmost importance to ensure your peace of mind.

We at Miracle Movers offer liability insurance that protects your belongings at no additional cost. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose these options:

  • Basic Insurance—We multiply the weight of your shipment by $0.60 to determine the maximum liability.
  • Valuation Coverage—Besides our basic insurance, for an additional fee, you can receive coverage based on pick-up valuation. You will be refunded in full or get a full refund of the repair costs
  • Premium Liability Coverage—If you choose this plan, you get $2 per pound per lost or damaged item.

Feel free to get in touch to learn more about insurance for our long-distance moving services in Toronto.

What should I look for in a long-distance moving company?

Long-distance moving can be a hassle, especially if you pick the wrong company to assist you with this important event. To find the best long-distance moving company in Toronto & the surrounding area, base your search on the following:

  • Excellent communication and support
  • Wide array of moving services and add-ons
  • Flexibility and customized approach
  • Punctuality
  • Licensed & certified long-distance movers
  • Documented experience
  • Client testimonials
  • Good reviews & ratings
  • Fair and transparent estimates
What’s the leading long distance moving company in Toronto & the area?

If you have decided to move to another province or beyond, you probably have an excellent reason to do so. While long-distance moving can be exciting, it can also be a stressful time. Packing and preparing for a move can be exhausting, and moving and ensuring your items arrive safely even more so.

While you focus on making the arrangements to help you get settled in your new home, we will coordinate your cross-province moving service to make sure everything goes smoothly and according to plan. As a full-service Toronto moving company and your go-to long-distance movers, Miracle Movers can pack, load, unload, and unpack your items to facilitate your move, and we can even organize your car shipping service.

For more details about what we can do to make sure your cross-province move from or to Toronto goes smoothly, contact us now!