Hardwood floors are a beautiful element of any home, which makes it painful to see them scratched or gouged when moving things around. The risk of damaging these home items spikes tenfold when relocation time comes around. Furniture pieces and dropped containers can be causes for extensive damage if proper measures are not put in place to safeguard them. Squamish movers Thornhill table a checklist for moving into new home that has proved helpful over their years of handling relocations.

Line the Floors

Dropped goods pose the biggest risk to wooden floors, and the most significant causal factor for this is slippery floors. Wet floors tend to pose a danger for not only hardwood but also the people involved in the relocation process. Ensure that enough doormats are placed at all entrances being used by traffic in and out of the house to avoid wet grass and leaves from being carried in. Even though this measure does not directly safeguard your floors, it reduces the chances of an accident happening; thus, mitigating the risk of damage.

Hang on Too Old Rugs

Most people change their rugs and runners when they relocate to a new place, and some even decide to scrap the old ones off before hiring packing and movers in Thornhill. However, it is advisable to leave them in place until the loading process is complete, especially if new ones are being used at your destination. That way, the rugs can take one more day of protecting your floors with all the heavy lifting and walking that will be conducted. Since these pieces will be discarded afterward, it won’t be too bad if they take the damage in the place of your hardwood floors. Once everything has been taken out of the house, you can proceed to have the rugs removed.

Invest in Ram Boards

Ram boards are most associated with contractors when carrying out heavy-duty jobs to protect surfaces. Accordingly, you can be sure that your floors will be safe from scratches and dents when using these tools. Protection rolls can also be used and are easy to find in stores. These supplies are meant to be rolled onto the floors prior to the loading process beginning and easily peeled off once it comes to a halt. Some relocation agencies cover the costs of these rolls in your budget; therefore, ask whether the service is available.

Use Furniture Sliders

Furniture sliders come in handy when trying to haul large pieces with ease. Not only do they make the task of carrying around appliances easier but also reduce the risk of your floors getting any bumps or dents. Additionally, they help keep back injuries at bay. If these sliders are not readily available, you can opt for cardboards that are made of sturdy material.