Most people who relocate to new places that are not too far from their previous homes attempt self-moves. This sounds like a better option than having to pay a skilled relocating team to handle the move for you. Since the new home is not too far away, they believe they can easily handle the tasks by themselves.

Even so, the failure to carefully plan your relocation can easily turn things soar. The various risks presented by an attempt to move by yourself can cost you more than you would have spent by hiring professional local moving companies. Things could get worse, and you could incur injuries that could add up to your bills. Even though a DIY relocation might be a great way to save some cash, you should also take into the consideration the risks that come with it. Here are some of the dangers that a self-move poses:

Loss of time

Even though some may reason that the time spent in doing your homework finding a reputable relocating firm to work with is too much, it ends up being well-worth it in the end. On the other hand, with a self-move, you will have to;

  • Organize the relocating vehicle. This activity needs a lot of planning to ensure everything fits perfectly
  • Persuade your pals to give you a helping hand in organizing and shifting your belongings
  • Spend days organizing the belongings in your house by yourself. A relocating team can have this done in a couple of hours
  • If you have no experience in relocating, you are bound to make some wrong turns. This will steal you a lot of time that could even translate to days’ delay

Inflated fees

Most people consider a DIY relocation due to the issue of costs. However, you should not come to the conclusion that a self-move is bound to cost less than hiring a relocating agency. A DIY move could help you save money you would have used on packers, a relocating truck, and special equipment. However, there are unforeseen fees that come with moving on your own.

You need to consider the fact that you will have to rent a relocating van, pay for gas, packing tools, insurance coverage for your valuable goods, special devices required to move bulky belongings, fuel surcharges, road taxes and tolls, food and places to sleep while in transit, and keep some money on the side for any other unexpected costs. After adding all this up, a DIY relocation may end up being more costly than letting the experts handle it.

Damage of belongings

This risk factor is dependent on the size and amount of belongings you plan on taking with you to your new place. If you have few possessions, a self-move could be best suited for you. However, you may have furniture and other bulky possessions you want to bring with you. Keep in mind that moving such goods requires the use of special equipment, which should be good cause to be concerned.

You need to question if you can handle moving such items in a safe way. Since relocating firms have years of experience handling such moves, they can easily handle them without putting them in much risk. And if they do end up damaging your goods, you could file a claim and have them replaced. When moving them on your own, however, you do not have this luxury. Any damage that comes to your goods rests on your shoulders.

Damage of property

Aside from damaging your belongings, you also put the property you live in at risk. This risk should never be underestimated. Some of the risks you face by moving bulky goods around include;

  • Scratches on floors, wooden property elements, and tiles. This can only be avoided with the use of hand trucks, pads, and a lot of people helping out
  • Chips and dents to the walls especially when tackling staircases and sharp corners. This can be avoided with the use of blankets that should be placed on the walls as well as the item being moved

Many people often ignore the damage that can be caused to property if caution is not taken. These problems end up costing you a lot of money to get fixed.

The use of skilled relocating firms helps avoid such risks since they come with special equipment that can help them avoid doing such damage. Additionally, they are experienced enough to know how to properly maneuver doorways, corners, and staircases without scratching the walls.

Injury to self

As stated above, planning an entire relocation by yourself is quite a risk. One of the biggest of these risks is the causing injury to yourself. This is especially possible when handling bulky goods and should be avoided as much as possible.

Try and reason out just how far your moving abilities can go without having to turn to skilled movers. Do not try to push your boundaries just to save some money. Try and get as much help as possible. Assess the bulky goods that need to be moved and acquire the special equipment that will be needed. Additionally, do some research on the correct method to use the specialty tools before using them. All the paths that are to be used to move your belongings should be cleared of all things. Pets and kids should be absent when the move is happening. Have a friend or family member sit them for that day. The attire you choose to wear should be appropriate for the activities you are about to undertake – nothing too loose or too tight as it could end up causing an accident. Being involved in an accident will end up costing you more than you previously hoped.