Pros and Cons of Living in Mississauga

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Mississauga is a location that comes with its positives and negatives. Before you become certain about whether you wish to relocate here, make sure to check out the pros and cons of living in Mississauga. Are the positives of the area going to entice you and make you relocate? Or are the negative sides just something you cannot get over? One thing is certain – the moving companies GTA has to offer will be there to provide you assistance wherever you want to move. To begin with, let’s take a look at the pros and cons to help you out with the decision.

Let’s go over some pros and cons of living in Mississauga

In order to truly know if Mississauga is the place for you, make sure to cover all the upsides and downsides of living here. Above all, you don’t want to contact the movers Mississauga residents recommend without being sure about your decision. For that reason, let’s review some information that will provide you with more insight before making this decision.

A park in Mississauga
There’s a lot of natural beauty in the area

Benefits of life in Mississauga

Thankfully, several great benefits make people want to live here. Before contacting the residential movers Toronto residents trust and moving, you should make sure to weigh out whether they’re what you are looking for. These are the ones that stan out:

  • Proximity to Toronto
  • Green spaces and waterfront areas
  • Economic opportunities

Proximity to Toronto

The proximity of Mississauga to Toronto is an advantage that you want to consider. Being part of the Greater Toronto Area means you get many of the big city benefits without being in the middle of the crowd. Having such a balanced lifestyle will make it easy for many to book local movers Toronto has to offer and relocate to Mississauga. You can easily travel to downtown Toronto by car outside of peak hours or opt for the MiExpress bus services for a direct route into the city.

However, don’t underestimate the area itself. There are around 60 Fortune 500 companies with offices here. Among them are companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft Canada. Will this connection to Toronto be enough for you to move here?

Green spaces and waterfront areas

Certain details stand out when looking at the pros and cons of living in Mississauga. One of them is the natural beauty that the city will offer you. Above all, there are over 500 parks that you can enjoy at any moment. For instance, Jack Darling Memorial Park is celebrated for its waterfront scenery, providing amenities like an off-leash dog park, tennis courts, playgrounds, a splash pad, and areas for picnicking and beach activities such as swimming, paddling, kayaking, and windsurfing. Here are some other places you want to consider checking out:

  • Rattray Marsh,
  • Lakeside Park 
  • Erindale Park
  • Riverwood Conservancy

Economic opportunities

If job opportunities are what you’re looking for, Mississauga will be the place to find them. A good statistic that shows this is that the area’s average salary is around C$67,000. There’s a diversity of industries that will offer the majority of opportunities. Among them are advanced manufacturing, financial services, information and communication technology, life sciences, and smart logistics. Overall, there won’t be a shortage of quality work opportunities if you decide to relocate to Mississauga.

Two people shaking hands after talking about the pros and cons of living in Mississauga
Enjoy the job opportunities available in the area

Downsides of life in Mississauga

Of course, there are not just benefits to Mississauga. Certain downsides must also be considered. Unfortunately, there are aspects of the area that will have a negative impact on your lifestyle. Let’s check out some of the downsides of life in Mississauga, such as:

  • The cost of living
  • Traffic and congestion
  • Weather

Cost of living

When considering the pros and cons of living in Mississauga, the question of affordability will surely come to mind. The cost of living is always a factor that you can’t overlook. Mississauga has a very significant cost when you take everything into account. The monthly rent can be around C$2,300 for an 85 m2 (approximately 900 sqft) space. In a similar place, the utilities for two people will be around C$218 per month. Do you plan to buy a home? Then, get ready to spend around C$1,498,000.

However, there are also other costs to consider. For instance, the average costs for groceries include C$9.20 for a gallon of milk, C$3.03 for a loaf of bread, and C$4.75 for a dozen eggs. Transportation expenses are another consideration, with a one-way local transport ticket costing C$4.00 and a monthly pass priced at C$131.00. All these should be considered before you make your move to Mississauga.

Traffic and congestion

One downside of living in Mississauga is the challenge of dealing with traffic and congestion, particularly during peak hours. The city’s roadways often experience heavy traffic flow, with areas of medium to heavy congestion becoming commonplace. This can lead to significant delays, impacting daily commutes and travel plans. The local road conditions and traffic flow are constantly updated to assist residents, but the congestion remains a notable concern for those living in or commuting through Mississauga.

Cars in traffic
It’s important to look at all the pros and cons of living in Mississauga


Mississauga is not for everyone when it comes to weather. The area experiences a wide range of weather conditions during the year. From cold winters with average lows of 16°F in January to warm summers, peaking at an average high of 82°F in July, you should be ready for different temperatures. The annual precipitation is around 31.5 inches. Expect humidity to be around 70% during the whole year. All of this can be challenging, depending on the location you’re coming from. That’s why Mississauga might not be the place for you if you’re looking for warmth and sunshine.

Take everything into consideration before the move

Analyzing the positives and negatives before any move is the right step. That’s why we’re sure that our going over the pros and cons of living in Mississauga will be more than helpful. Whether it’s about the costs of living or the opportunities you’ll get, there’s so much to go over. Whatever your decision ends up being and wherever you decide to move, make sure to get in touch with our company, and we’ll help you out.