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Business continuity is the capability of an organization to continue delivering products or services as usual during a disruptive event or a disaster. Although an office move is not a disaster, it can certainly be disruptive to any business' day to day operations. As the owner of a business or executive in charge of your business' office move, ensuring business continuity during this event will be a concern. Here are a few tips to help you achieve this objective.


Planning in advance, proper scheduling and using a professional moving company with comprehensive experience in office moves are the key ingredients to successfully moving an office. A professional local moving company will assign a project manager to your relocation who will work with you from the pre-planning stage to the completion of the move. Their responsibility will be directing the team of office moving specialists to see that the move is done within the budget and on time, with minimum disruption to your business.


Take your business cycle into consideration when choosing the time of the year to move. If your business has a seasonal aspect, try to plan the move within your slow season.

Keeping Information Accessible

Hopefully, your business keeps customer data "in the cloud" or on a virtual private network that can be accessed remotely by employees assigned to be available for customer calls or emails during the physical move. Also, having a hosted phone system will ensure that communication lines are still available to your clients during this period.

Another way to maintain business continuity is by making sure you contact your telecommunications and internet providers well before the move to schedule the installation of your services to ensure everything will be operational on the first day of business at the new office. Record a new message on your phone system to inform anyone calling in that you're in a relocation process of and give the name and number of assigned personnel to call in the case of an emergency. Also, make an internal or contracted IT personnel available to install staff computers and to test the various systems before their arrival at the new office.

Weekend Preference

Preferably schedule a weekend move to minimize business disruption and maintain business continuity for your clients. Pre-move can also be a crucial time for your company. Too many distractions during working hours can also cause employees to be a little less productive. If possible, arrange for the advance packing by your moving company to happen during the evening hours.

Ensure Your Employees are Covered

Make sure you schedule packing of your employees' personal items and desk contents, even though most companies expect them to do so themselves. Ensure at least one person in each department is handling customer phone calls while the others are attending to their packing.

Inform Your Customers

Give your customers advance notice about the upcoming move and post information on the company's website. The names and contact information for available employees should be available during this period.

Supervise Set Up

To ensure that the business is operating as quickly as possible, avail specific personnel over the weekend to assist or supervise the installation and unpacking of office equipment and supplies.

Giving some advance thought to ensuring business continuity during your office relocation will make the process easier. Contact us at Toronto Movers today to get the best advice on how to plan and execute a successful office move.


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