You have finally accomplished cleaning out the closet, basement, attic, and garage, and gathered everything you no longer use. Whether you were inspired by an upcoming move or the desire to get rid of what you don’t need, you now have to decide what to do with all the things you have collected. While you can always have a garage sale, donating items is another solution that also lets you help a needy someone. To make donating items as easy as possible, Mississauga Movers have developed a guide to take you through it.

Deciding where to donate

Many charity foundations across the country will happily accept donations of gently-used items. However, since they’ll use them in different ways, consider which foundation is best for your specific contributions before taking them anywhere. Here are some of the top-ranked charities listed with their locations across the country and the kinds of items they accept.

  • World Vision Canada (
  • Salvation Army (
  • Canadian Cancer Society (
  • Canadian Red Cross (
  • PLAN Canada (
  • United Way Toronto & York Region (
  • SickKids Foundation (
  • Heart and Stroke (
  • Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation (
  • Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation (
  • World Vision Canada (

Tips for preparing belongings

Once you’ve decided to move and you’ve found an organization to take the items to, it’s time to prepare. Taking the time to prepare them properly will make things easier on the charity and may help more items get accepted.

Many charities are in great need of clothing, especially denim, work clothes, towels, and bedding. Before the moving date you should:

  • Inspect all pockets for trash or forgotten belongings
  • Wash everything (preferably using fragrance-free detergent)
  • Put the clothing and fabrics neatly in bags or containers so they’re easy to sort through

Sometimes it’s more convenient not to move couches, tables and entertainment centers. Typically, all these items do well in any charity with a resale shop. Before donating furniture, ensure you:

  • Clean it (by either vacuuming or wiping it down using furniture polish)
  • Tighten any loose screws
  • Ensure you have all sections like extra shelves, table leaves, etc.

Electronics, baby supplies, and seasonal items could all be donated, instead of moving with them. Carefully check everything in advance. If you do so, the move will be easier and cheaper, since it won’t have extra stuff.

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