Other useful tips and tricks you may need to know when preparing your belongings for storage after or before moving in Toronto:

1) Treat all leather items you plan to store with a leather conditioner. Air-dry them for about 48 to 72 hours before storing them;

2) Ensure the drain lines of your grill are clean as well as your emptying your snow blower, lawnmower, and any other gas-powered devices of gasoline before storing;

3) Place photographs between cardboard pieces to keep them flat and well protected since they tend to curl over time and can be easily damaged;

4) Wrap lamp shades using packing paper and put them inside each other.

How to Pack Your Belongings for Storage

Last but not least to successfully ready your items for storage, you need to follow the golden rules of packing for storage:

  • Create a detailed inventory of the things you plan to store it will help you organize your belongings better and find whatever you may need with ease. Besides, the inventory list will serve as proof for your insurance claim in case some of your belongings get lost or damaged in an accident at the storage facility;
  • Pack items that are in the same category such as books, kids’ stuff, kitchen items, and keepsakes together;
  • Use packing materials that are of high quality (clean and strong boxes, specialized storage cartons, appropriate plastic containers, quality wrapping, furniture blankets, and cushioning materials, etc.) for the safety of your stored possessions;
  • Place everything in boxes or have them properly covered items that are not properly stored may easily get dusty, damp, or damaged;
  • Try packing in plastic containers (but do not use plastic bags as they may retain moisture and cause molding) to keep moisture away from your belongings;
  • When packing the cartons, always place lighter boxes on top of heavier ones;
  • Be cautious not to over pack the boxes or make them so heavy that they collapse under their weight;
  • Provide sufficient padding between the items in a box use a lot of bubble wrap, packing paper, packing peanuts, foam sheets, towels or old clothes;
  • Fill the boxes completely as half-packed ones may easily give when stacked;
  • Seal the boxes tightly for added protection;
  • Mark the boxes as clearly and precisely as possible to know exactly what each one of them contains. Ensure you label the boxes on their sides so as to see the relevant information even when they are placed one over another;
  • Do not store worthies (jewelry, documents, furs, very expensive items, irreplaceable items, etc.), flammables materials (gas, diesel, oil, paint, etc.), explosives, firearms, drugs, perishable items, or any other dangerous elements that produce odors in a self-storage compartment.

Now your belongings are well prepared and safely packed for moving company storage in Toronto. Now the only thing remaining is to arrange your storage unit in the most efficient and practical way possible.