Footwear should be readied for relocation immediately after you decide which pairs to carry:

Inspect all of them for any minor damages that need repairing, like sole or zipper replacement. Visit a cobbler before relocating and inquire about the cost of repairs and results to expect. If repairing the pieces won’t yield much, it is advisable to leave them behind as you move;

Clean your footwear. All dirt should be removed from all pairs including pebbles stuck in the bottom since any residue dirt may damage your fragile articles. Furthermore, nobody wants to find dirty and awful-looking shoes as they unpack after relocating.

Ensure all shoes are totally dry. Packing wet pieces could cause molding. Therefore, it is advisable to air all of them prior to organizing. In the case of articles that are particularly at risk of humidity (sports and leather footwear), go an extra mile and place paper in them to draw out all water within the fabric;

Put paper in all pairs to maintain their structure and avoid distortion during transit. You can use any light cloth or clean paper. However, the best option is packing paper (avoid using newspaper as it could leave undesirable stains. For convenience sake, you can place socks in their matching shoes. This is especially convenient if you require a pair before organizing everything after Toronto moving. Ensure you fill boots to the top with paper. High heels should be sealed using bubble wrap to avoid any breakage;

Collect appropriate shoe organizing equipment. Footwear, particularly branded pairs, can be a venture in every respect. Therefore, the best security against any damage should be provided to preserve these pricey ventures. Organizing your valuable articles in a relocating carton or plastic bag exposes them to danger as the bag could encourage the presence of humidity and the carton could break in transit. Utilize quality organizing tools such as packing paper and tape, strong containers, and an unerasable marker.

Once the organization and footwear readying are done, you can embark on packing them. Keep reading for some straightforward and effective shoe organizing tips for a move.