A pool table serves as a great source of entertainment when placed in a home. However, having the appliance can be a source of stress when the time comes to relocate. Most of these tables pack between six hundred and fifty and nine hundred pounds, which makes them cumbersome to carry around. Even with their elephantine size, some tricks can be applied to make the task less daunting and improve the chances of hauling it safely. These pointers provided by moving companies in Etobicoke can be applied when taking the table to another area of the house or a new home entirely.

  • Start taking it apart

Trying to relocate a pool table with all its pieces in place poses a danger to not only the item but also the people involved in moving it. Your home and other belongings also fall in the line of risk. These articles are usually crafted using thick wood and an equally dense slate, which accounts for their weight. The use of such tools is because these units are meant to last for years. Taking the item apart allows you to carry small loads to keep you and the table safe.

  • Secure the felt

The felt is one of the most fragile elements of this table, which demands extra caution from all the parties handling it. This part is quite easy to ruin since it is required to remain in a tight state for a round of pool to be played seamlessly. Taking out this piece is not mandatory, but it is highly advised since it saves you the risk of having to invest in a new lining.

  • Keep each piece safe

While taking apart the table, you are bound to end up with numerous elements that can easily be damaged on their own. Accordingly, ensure each piece is secured appropriately with bubble wrap or blankets.

  • Know where it’s going

Even with its elements taken apart, a pool table remains bulkier than most household goods. Advisably, have a layout of where the item will be placed before the dismantling process begins so that the assembling process can start as soon as it arrives at the destination.

  • Ask for help

Even though the table can be dismantled into smaller pieces, do not be tempted to carry out the process yourself. Handling everything alone places you and your pool table at risk of severe injury and damage. Request for a helping hand from pals, and have the right tools with you. Dollies, screwdrivers, blankets, and Ziploc bags are some of the necessities. The hand truck comes in especially handy if the device is being moved from one floor to other using stairs.

These pointers will help smoothen out your hauling task with minimal risk to your possession. You can also choose to turn to movers in Etobicoke that boast experience in handling piano relocations.

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