Packing Supplies

Also, to support you in transporting all your goods on moving day, Miracle Movers Canada is happy to offer a comprehensive selection of some of the best packing supplies Toronto has to offer and anything else that you might request in order to secure your belongings is moved efficiently and safely. You are welcome to review our list of available supplies and prices below.

*Packing supplies can be distributed on a moving day only (MM does not deliver packing supplies prior to the relocation); however, please note that our packing equipment is available only to consumers who have booked with us and are not available for public purchases.

Cardboard box 2 cu.ft

Size: L: 18” x W:15” x H: 12”
$ 4.00 per piece

Cardboard box 3.1 cu.ft

Size: L: 18” x W:18” x H: 16”
$ 5.00 per piece

Cardboard box 4 cu.ft

Size: L: 18” x W:18” x H: 21”
$ 7.00 per piece

Cardboard box 5 cu.ft

Size: L: 18” x W: 18” x H: 27”
$ 8.00 per piece

Cardboard Wardrobe

Size: L: 24” x W: 21” x H: 48”
$ 45.00 purchase

Bubble Wrap

Size: 24" X 20' (3/16)
$ 25.00 per roll
Bubble Wrap 3-16 x 48 x 20

Bubble Wrap

Size: 48" X 20' (3/16)
$ 45.00 per roll

Shrink wrap roll

Size: 12.75"x1400ft
$ 40.00 per piece

Packing newsprint

Size: 5lbs.
$ 19.00 per pack


Size: 2in * 55yds
$ 4.00 per roll

TV box

Size: 55"
$ 59.00 per piece

TV box

Size: 70"
$ 79.00 per piece

Green boxes

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