Below are guidelines from Mississauga Moving on how to package your PC for a move. Keep in mind that most of the mid tower’s elements are quite delicate and require a lot of protection.

Procedure 1: Shut down the PC

Procedure 2: Detach the power cord from the source. Detach all cords attached to the computer. Proceed to bunch them together using flexible loops to avoid any tangles. Pack them in a plastic bag and put it in the container where other PC elements will be put.

Procedure 3: Cushion the base of the computer container with some bubble wrap. If there isn’t any, a towel can serve as an alternative.

Procedure 4: Using sizeable packing paper leaves, seal the mid tower and use tape on the seams.

Procedure 5: Do the above step again but substitute packing paper with bubble wrap. This will provide the PC with extra buffering. Using bubble wrap first could be risky for the mid tower. Therefore, line it with paper first.

Procedure 6: Put some tape strategically to wrap the bundle. The tape should never be put onto the PC tower’s surface directly.

Procedure 7: Put the wrapped PC in its container. All that is required is to do is ensure it is positioned upright in there. Sudden shifting should be avoided during the process.

Procedure 8: Use buffering materials like crumpled paper, old fabric, or blankets to fill any left room in the carton.

Procedure 9: Carry out a little procedure to see if the PC tower is completely immobile in the box. Lift the container and shift it in a tender manner. If it is secure, there shouldn’t be even the slightest movement in the carton. If it moves, cushion it some more until it is rigid.

Procedure 10: Lastly, seal the top using tape and put the label: COMPUTER, DELICATE, HANDLE CAREFULLY.

Follow all these guidelines for a smooth move. Read on for some more guidelines.